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YOGA: The union of ‘I’ with the ultimate possibility’

The word yoga in today’s time is the most exploited word all over the world. With my own experience, the moment I utter the word YOGA, people start asking me, Can you do the head pose or how many complex postures I am able to hold. Hence the idea of yoga in people’s mind is not beyond the complex postures which they have seen in some books or in a video being posted on social media. And since everyone is in that mode people don’t realize that they have got it completely wrong. Further down there are many people in the world who thinks that yoga was started in America. Unfortunately, this has led to the whole lot of misconceptions about yoga in people’s mind. The very word ‘yoga’ literally means ‘union’. When human beings realize the limitations of the physical nature and its 5 senses and start looking beyond physical, we say the person is in yoga.

Now, most of our experiences in life are physical. The 5 senses are designed in such a way that these are outward bound. They can perceive only that which is physical in nature. For e.g, we can see an object only because it reflects light. If it doesn’t reflect light, a human being or say any other creature on this planet cannot see it. Similarly, the very process of listening is nothing but the movement of the vibrations in the space, reaching our ears drum and then brains processes it as sound. Touching, tasting, and smelling is also physical in nature. Hence to summarize, the very experience of our life is determined by the way our 5 senses work. We can not perceive the life beyond this because all these senses work only within the purview of physical boundaries. So in a way, we do not perceive the life the way it is, but the way our 5 senses are projecting to us. Let’s take an example. In the summer season, the water in a bore well seems to be colder as compared to the external environment. Now the same water if we touch in the winters it seems warmer than the external environment, not because the water temperature has changed, but because the outer environment is colder than the temperature of the water. Hence the way our senses work is always in comparison to others. Hence this does not give us the access to reality. These instruments are best only for the survival of the human beings. If the survival is the thing which we are aiming for, then it is all fine. But if we want to live life to its fullest, the survival is simply not sufficient.

The nature of the human being is such that when we are hungry, food is all we are looking for. But once our survival needs are met, then we have a whole lot of other issues going on in our lives. This means there is something within us which do not settle down for limited. We are always in pursuit of more and more than we have right now. And it is an endless process. The one who has hundreds aim for thousands, Thousands of lacs, crores, millions, billions and so on. Even if we had this whole planet, we would have aimed for other planets and stars which scientists have started to do so. In a way physically how much we have is always insufficient and will always be insufficient. If we want all, it would not be physical, We need to transform ourselves into a completely new dimension if we want an eternal sense of fulfillment. That means we need to start looking inwards so that we do not have this sense of fulfillment in bits in pieces, we will have it all. Once we become this way, our experience of life will become one with the whole creation.

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4 thoughts on “YOGA: The union of ‘I’ with the ultimate possibility’

  1. Maslow’s need heirarchy theory explained in the context of yoga. Though Maslow imcluded the physical and emotional needs of the human beings but the physical significance of it was missing, since it does not speak of the eternal bliss or that feeling of contentment which every human need in order to live a happy and satisfied life. How yoga connects it all, you have explained it remarkably well. Looking for more articles from your side. It gave me an insight about yoga.


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