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‘Consciousness is absolute & can’t be Objectified’

Usually, when people talk about consciousness, they refer to the state of wakefulness which is not the truth. This is because people’s idea of consciousness is limited to the waking state of who they are. This is also because people never really questioned what consciousness is. They are too involved with their worldly drama that… Continue reading ‘Consciousness is absolute & can’t be Objectified’

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‘Chanting Mantras’: Understanding the science behind it

I have seen many people talking about mantras. But not many people have the scientific understanding of what are mantras and why people all over the world are getting inclined towards it. So let’s demystify the science behind mantra chanting. Mantras are nothing but certain utterances of a particular sequence of sounds. In yogic text… Continue reading ‘Chanting Mantras’: Understanding the science behind it

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Yoga Asanas: The scientific way to achieve health & well being

Here I have explained about the scientific basis of yoga asanas and how they can revolutionize the very way we experience our life. It gives us an insight that yoga is not a philosophy, Its a technology to transform human beings.