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‘You don’t have enemies in life’

Your enemy is yourself in a different uniform. If you see the reality of life, you will experience everything as a part of yourself. If you have that experience, then there is no question of having an enemy because you experientially realize that the life which is throbbing within you is the same life which… Continue reading ‘You don’t have enemies in life’

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‘We co-create our own future’

It is a well-established fact today that the tendencies which we carry in our own body & mind take our life into a particular direction. So if we think something bad will happen or if we think something good will happen, both become true depending on what we think and choose. Let’s take a very simple… Continue reading ‘We co-create our own future’

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‘Being Vs. Convenience’

If you don’t need someone for any particular reason, but still you choose to be with that person totally; that is of a significant value. If you choose to be with someone just because you have silly little expectations from that person, that’s called as the convenience. Taking this as a parameter we can evaluate… Continue reading ‘Being Vs. Convenience’

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‘Meditation lies in the absolute stillness of Body & Mind’

I am sure you have noticed this in your day to day life situations. When your body is working perfectly well and doing what you want, you don’t really pay attention to it. Which means, you don’t think of the body as a body on a regular basis. It is just taken for granted and… Continue reading ‘Meditation lies in the absolute stillness of Body & Mind’

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‘The Scientific Principle of Meditation’

Meditation is a highly systematic process which doesn’t need prior knowledge of any kind. This is a subjective technology which we just need to learn as to how it can be used and it will start working for us. For e.g If we take a cell phone, we really don’t know how the electrons are… Continue reading ‘The Scientific Principle of Meditation’


‘The Fundamental You’

In the previous article, we have clearly seen and understood that ‘We are not the roles we play’ (To explore more you may Click Here). Then the next obvious question comes, Who am I?. As I suggested earlier that if we really analyze this question, eventually we will find the answer. Using meditation as a… Continue reading ‘The Fundamental You’


‘Every life form is precious’

When I observe people and the ways of the society, It pains me deep within to see how unconscious and insensitive we all are, to the life around us. In the name of economic well being, It is almost like we are determined to destroy this planet. This will actually come true if we keep… Continue reading ‘Every life form is precious’

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Classical Music & Life : An Experiential Perspective

Until recent just a few years ago before I started meditating, my connection with music was not very deep. Once in a while, I used to tune in to Radio FM or Television to listen to the music. And that too used to be mostly the Indian Bollywood Songs or sometimes the English songs. But… Continue reading Classical Music & Life : An Experiential Perspective