‘Meditation is a living death’

When you live and die at the same time and become conscious of it, That’s meditation.   Right this moment a few thousand cells are getting degenerated and a few thousand new cells are getting regenerated. This process is eternally on in every creature on this planet. At the quantum level, there is no such… Continue reading ‘Meditation is a living death’

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‘Meditation is like a good actor in a play’

A good actor never forgets that he is not the characters he is playing. If an actor identifies himself as the character then the chances of him playing another role effectively are very remote. Only when he keeps a separation between himself and the roles, he gets empowered to play any role to the best… Continue reading ‘Meditation is like a good actor in a play’

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‘Sound is of the Periphery & Silence is of the Core’

If you have ever paid attention to the existential life, you will know that life happens in absolute silence. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that ‘Silence’ is the incubation center for the life to happen and I did not mean it metaphorically, I mean it literally. Let’s understand it like this. An… Continue reading ‘Sound is of the Periphery & Silence is of the Core’

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‘Meditation lies in the absolute stillness of Body & Mind’

I am sure you have noticed this in your day to day life situations. When your body is working perfectly well and doing what you want, you don’t really pay attention to it. Which means, you don’t think of the body as a body on a regular basis. It is just taken for granted and… Continue reading ‘Meditation lies in the absolute stillness of Body & Mind’

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‘Different States of Consciousness’

In the previous article, we understood what is Consciousness or Awareness and what is its inherent nature. It’s time now to talk about different stages of awareness or awakening which a person goes through before he finally realizes his true self. In Yoga there have been defined 7 states of consciousness which are as follows:… Continue reading ‘Different States of Consciousness’

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‘The Scientific Principle of Meditation’

Meditation is a highly systematic process which doesn’t need prior knowledge of any kind. This is a subjective technology which we just need to learn as to how it can be used and it will start working for us. For e.g If we take a cell phone, we really don’t know how the electrons are… Continue reading ‘The Scientific Principle of Meditation’

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Meditation: A conscious non-doing

The reason why most of the people are not able to sit for Meditation is that they are always in a compulsive mode of mental thought process. Their mind is so noisy that they don’t even realize that they are in a compulsive mode of thinking. It’s like a 24/7 running commentary within their mind.… Continue reading Meditation: A conscious non-doing

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Finding it difficult to meditate? Here is the solution

Being in the meditative state can be one of the most beautiful experiences for a human being, but for many people, meditation means ‘a headache’. I came across many people who told me that they have tried meditation but failed. One thing which we need to understand here is that meditation is not something which… Continue reading Finding it difficult to meditate? Here is the solution