Life · Poetry

‘The Blank Space’

The more I question my own existence, the more it leads me towards dead end,

The more I wonder who am I, the more is the longing within to transcend!


I don’t even know what I am looking for, I don’t know which direction to choose,

But there is something deep within me, which is asking to let the knot loose!


Sometimes the mind works wonderfully well & sometimes it creates a nasty hell,

I wonder how to tame this mind and break the world of limited shells!


When I close my eyes and look within, my consciousness gives me an access to grace,

The compulsive actions then seem to settle down & suddenly I experience the blank space!


Oh, Life! Is this what I have been seeking or Is there something more to me,

Please take me towards the fundamental reality, so that I can become absolutely free!


Peace & Love!






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