‘That which bends doesn’t break’

That which bends doesn’t break. This is true almost in every aspect of our life be it physical or nonphysical. If you look back in your life and analyze, you will see that all those moments where you embraced the situations, they turned into sweet experiences. This is the nature of acceptance. All those moments where you resisted, they turned ugly. This is the nature of resistance. When you have the necessary awareness, your ability to embrace a particular situation and then deal with it increases considerably.

However, if you resist the situation in which you exist, it will cripple you in so many ways. It will make you a handicap and will not allow you to do even those things which you are capable of. Just ask yourself sincerely, when you are stuck in a bad situation, Is it not more important that you should be calm and composed? The answer is Yes. When the situations are right, we are fine with anything; but when the situations go wrong, it becomes all the way more important for us to be balanced. 

This balance will come only when you will accept the situation the way it is. Which means you are responsive to the situation. Response simply means that you are determined to find a way out. Reaction means you are ignorant and there are more chances that you will attract misery now and then. 

So the next question comes, How to become flexible to the environment in which we exist? There are various ways of doing it. If you do a very simple process of conscious breathing for 10 to 15 minutes a day, this will bring down your stress levels considerably and will make you more aware or conscious. This will reduce compulsive reactions to a large extent.

There are numerous other practices in YOGA like meditation, self-reflection, mindfulness, watching your thoughts, observing the sensations of your own body etc. using which you can gain more control of your sense perceptions. The moment you have a complete hold of your senses, this will tremendously improve the way you conduct your day to day life situations. If you are able to sustain your daily practices, this will open up a new doorway for you leading towards happiness and joy…….!


Peace & Love!


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