‘The Fundamental You’

In the previous article, we have clearly seen and understood that ‘We are not the roles we play’ (To explore more you may Click Here). Then the next obvious question comes, Who am I?. As I suggested earlier that if we really analyze this question, eventually we will find the answer. Using meditation as a scientific tool we can go deeper within ourself and find the real nature of our own existence.

If the longing to know becomes intense; One day there will come a stage where you will fathom the source of your thought. And that source of thought is who you are by your inherent nature. That source of thought is the domain of pure awareness or consciousness. This is the domain from where all kinds of thoughts come and go. This is the domain from where all experiences arise and subside.

This is the domain of infinite possibilities which is Dimensionless, Timeless and is beyond all kinds of conditioning. In a nutshell, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this is the stage of Pure Intelligence and Energy. That is what traditionally called as ‘Being’. We can take many examples from our day to day life if we have to intellectually understand this domain which we are talking about. For e.g, Your awareness is like the foundation of a house, which is not visible but supporting your building all the time.

Your awareness is like the root of a plant, which is not visible but is the very basis of the plant. Your awareness is like a cinema screen to which you usually do not pay attention but the same screen is supporting the drama of your life. If there is no screen, there is no possibility of the drama. Your awareness is like the depth of the ocean without which there can be no ocean.

Although I am explaining about the pure presence in terms of worldly examples, when you realize this pure presence experientially, you will find out that even the best example is very puny compared to the real experience of it. The words can never explain the experience of our real self because this is a domain which is beyond the ambit of body-mind.

This is a domain which becomes accessible to you only when you are able to transcend the limitations of your physicality. There are innumerable methods in Yoga (Primarily via. Meditation) which can be used in a very systematic & scientific way in order to achieve this state. I wish each one of us could realize the importance of self-realization and could lead the humanity towards universal Joy and Harmony!


Peace and Love!


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