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‘Drop temporary identities to experience Life’

When you were born, you came as an open limitless possibility in this cosmos. A child doesn’t have any conditioning of its own, but slowly over a period of time as the child grows up, he starts imbibing the qualities which surround him. Or in other words, a child starts to get identified with almost… Continue reading ‘Drop temporary identities to experience Life’


‘Life within is waiting to get recognized’

When I say life process, for most of the people they think I am talking about family, friends, cars, big house, money etc. But that’s not true. What we are referring to as life is that creative source which is throbbing in every atom of this existence. When we say life, in a way we… Continue reading ‘Life within is waiting to get recognized’

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‘Look through the eyes of your Being’

If you want to know the joy of living, then you have to look through the eyes of your being. When I say eyes of the being, I am talking about your central frame of reference which works as a compass to guide you in every step you take. I am referring to the original… Continue reading ‘Look through the eyes of your Being’


‘Rhythm of life’

Have you ever paid attention to the fundamental nature of your own life? I think for many of us the answer is No………….Just step out of the four walls where you have imprisoned yourself…………….And see the gamut of phenomena which is happening in this universe………Just be little sensitive to the life around……….And the source of… Continue reading ‘Rhythm of life’

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‘Exploring the nature of Consciousness’

In our daily life conversation, we use many words for which we really don’t have the necessary understanding and experience. For e.g. when there is a pain in the body, we say my body is aching. When our head is noisy, we say I have a headache. If we are going somewhere, we say I… Continue reading ‘Exploring the nature of Consciousness’

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‘DOGS: The Epitome of Love & Exuberance’

A Dog really is an epitome of love and exuberance of life. What an amazing creature nature has created. A perfect example of selfless love. I can keep on singing the words of praise for the dogs, but that is never gonna be enough compared to what they really are. As I mentioned in one of… Continue reading ‘DOGS: The Epitome of Love & Exuberance’

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Why do we connect with Babies instantaneously?

Every time I look at a little infant or a baby, my heart melts and this fills me with absolute joy. From social context, I could have no connection with the baby I am looking at. He is not my family member or a nephew or a niece or any other label which we usually… Continue reading Why do we connect with Babies instantaneously?


‘Every life form is precious’

When I observe people and the ways of the society, It pains me deep within to see how unconscious and insensitive we all are, to the life around us. In the name of economic well being, It is almost like we are determined to destroy this planet. This will actually come true if we keep… Continue reading ‘Every life form is precious’