‘That Old Man’

“I wonder, How to describe that old Man…….Tanned body, Bushy hair……Long beard & Torn clothes………He sometimes used to seem, to be talking to himself (mostly silent)…………But never with anybody else……..People thought he is mad………He used to sleep at the local bus stop during the nights……..Right from my childhood, he used to visit our home once… Continue reading ‘That Old Man’

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Dhyana (Meditation): A tool to dissolve yourself & attain the ultimate sense of Oneness

Dhyana is the seventh limb of Ashtaang yoga propounded by Maharishi Patanjali thousands of years ago. Since in the earlier articles we already have looked upon deep into Yamas, Niyamas, Asnas & Pranayama. There can not be a better time than this to introduce you to a tool which has the ability to take you… Continue reading Dhyana (Meditation): A tool to dissolve yourself & attain the ultimate sense of Oneness

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‘Spirituality: Understanding it in the right context’

This article talks about the true meaning of spirituality and a spiritual process. The idea is that when a person falls in to spiritual process, he becomes an active seeker and not a believer. That is where the possibility of knowing arises for the person.

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Yoga Asanas: The scientific way to achieve health & well being

Here I have explained about the scientific basis of yoga asanas and how they can revolutionize the very way we experience our life. It gives us an insight that yoga is not a philosophy, Its a technology to transform human beings.

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YOGA: The union of ‘I’ with the ultimate possibility’

This article is simply about understanding the true meaning of yoga & Also understanding the true nature of human being. The emphasis is on the fact that we all human beings are interconnected with the cosmic activity. So the microcosm & the macrocosm is a one single unified activity of the whole universe. Aadi yogi, ie.e The first yogi ‘Shiva’said it almost 15000 years ago & today the scientists have also started saying the same.