Life · Poetry

‘The Blank Space’

The more I question my own existence, the more it leads me towards dead end, The more I wonder who am I, the more is the longing within to transcend!   I don’t even know what I am looking for, I don’t know which direction to choose, But there is something deep within me, which… Continue reading ‘The Blank Space’

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‘Love is the experience of our shared Being’

The very nature of Love is an inclusive process i.e. when you include something or somebody as a part of yourself emotionally then that is called as Love. Which means when two or more people’s emotions resonate with each other, there is a certain unity between those people. However, it’s very unfortunate that nowadays love… Continue reading ‘Love is the experience of our shared Being’


‘Meditation is a living death’

When you live and die at the same time and become conscious of it, That’s meditation.   Right this moment a few thousand cells are getting degenerated and a few thousand new cells are getting regenerated. This process is eternally on in every creature on this planet. At the quantum level, there is no such… Continue reading ‘Meditation is a living death’

Life · meditation

‘Meditation is like a good actor in a play’

A good actor never forgets that he is not the characters he is playing. If an actor identifies himself as the character then the chances of him playing another role effectively are very remote. Only when he keeps a separation between himself and the roles, he gets empowered to play any role to the best… Continue reading ‘Meditation is like a good actor in a play’

Life · Yoga & Spirituality

‘We co-create our own future’

It is a well-established fact today that the tendencies which we carry in our own body & mind take our life into a particular direction. So if we think something bad will happen or if we think something good will happen, both become true depending on what we think and choose. Let’s take a very simple… Continue reading ‘We co-create our own future’

Life · Yoga & Spirituality

‘Deep Sleep: The awareness of absence’

Usually, we think that deep sleep is the absence of awareness, which means we assume that awareness disappears in deep sleep. However, this is absolutely incorrect. The truth of the matter is that ‘The experience of deep sleep is the awareness of absence’. I am sure for many of you this statement makes no sense. But… Continue reading ‘Deep Sleep: The awareness of absence’

Life · Spirituality

‘The Light of Awareness’

Every night the spell of darkness spreads itself all around, but as soon as the Sun rises, it’s light renders the physical world visible to us and that’s when the world comes back to life again. Similarly, the light of awareness takes the veiling away from our eyes and renders the real nature of our… Continue reading ‘The Light of Awareness’


‘That which bends doesn’t break’

That which bends doesn’t break. This is true almost in every aspect of our life be it physical or nonphysical. If you look back in your life and analyze, you will see that all those moments where you embraced the situations, they turned into sweet experiences. This is the nature of acceptance. All those moments where… Continue reading ‘That which bends doesn’t break’