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‘You are not the roles you play’

Being born as a human being is the best thing that has ever happened for us as a species on this planet. No other creature on this planet enjoys the comfort and conveniences which we have. And above all nature has bestowed us with enormous intelligence. For most of the species, if we take care… Continue reading ‘You are not the roles you play’

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‘Be Do Be Do Be Do Be:The Happiness Mantra’

I have seen many people trying their hands on meditation and after some time they stop doing it because they don’t know whether they are doing it the right way or not. In today’s article, We will explore the ways using which you can clearly see and experience whether you are on the right path… Continue reading ‘Be Do Be Do Be Do Be:The Happiness Mantra’

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‘Earth: The Grand Design’

What a Grand design the creator has made for our Mother Earth………….It’s too fantastic, Isn’t it?……………………Just take a walk into the jungle and look at everything with a sense of wonder……………..Then you will realize the immensity of what I am talking about……..Just go to a river bank and observe the gamut of activity which is happening… Continue reading ‘Earth: The Grand Design’

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‘Experiencing Life: The Fundamental Way’

Being from a hill station in northern part of India, I spent most of my childhood high up in the mountains. The trees, the valleys, the wildlife, the snow in winters, all these were very much a part of my life. There used to be a small lake high up in the mountains which was… Continue reading ‘Experiencing Life: The Fundamental Way’

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Sense Perceptions: Are they reliable enough to experience true nature of Life?

Right from the day one when we came out of our mother’s womb, we have been using the five sense perceptions to experience life. These five senses are Sound, Sight, Smell, Taste & Touch. Whatever physical experiences we have had in our life, they have happened only by using these 5 tools. But have you… Continue reading Sense Perceptions: Are they reliable enough to experience true nature of Life?

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Meditation: A conscious non-doing

The reason why most of the people are not able to sit for Meditation is that they are always in a compulsive mode of mental thought process. Their mind is so noisy that they don’t even realize that they are in a compulsive mode of thinking. It’s like a 24/7 running commentary within their mind.… Continue reading Meditation: A conscious non-doing

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Classical Music & Life : An Experiential Perspective

Until recent just a few years ago before I started meditating, my connection with music was not very deep. Once in a while, I used to tune in to Radio FM or Television to listen to the music. And that too used to be mostly the Indian Bollywood Songs or sometimes the English songs. But… Continue reading Classical Music & Life : An Experiential Perspective

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Is there God or No God?

Once It happened, Buddha was sitting with his disciples giving a sermon. It was early morning and The Sun was still not fully up. There was a man who was a great believer in GOD. He spent all his life spreading the word of God to everybody. Towards the last years of his life suddenly… Continue reading Is there God or No God?