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‘Do not underestimate your thoughts’

What kind of thought we generate through mental action decides what kind of consequence we will face because of that particular thought. Which means it is very important that our mental thought process is happening consciously. But for most of the human beings on this planet, that’s not the case. Thoughts just keep on flowing all the time and then they wonder why the life is not happening well. We should never underestimate a thought. A single unconscious thought can create havoc in our life, at the same time a single conscious thought can transform the life in a very beautiful way. The only choice which we have is, either we can make our thought process a conscious action or an unconscious action.

Usually, people think what’s the big deal with a thought. If you are a little aware about the way you conduct your life, you will distinctly realize that at the subtler levels of existence everything is interconnected. The life is happening on this planet as one big life. Just for e.g. in order to keep ourself alive, there is a constant transaction which is going on between the trees and a human being. The planetary motion is churning life every moment to make our life possible. Likewise, there are million other forces which are constantly doing what they have to, in order to support life on this planet.

We need to be very cautious as to what kind of thoughts we are generating within ourself. If you carefully watch your daily events, you will realize and see that what you were thinking just a few hours ago suddenly got appeared in front of you. Has it not happened to you that you were thinking of meeting your friend and suddenly on that day your friend came to meet you. Or You were thinking of a particular cuisine and that evening your mother served you the same. Or You were sitting in your office thinking about something and suddenly your colleague came and started the discussion on the same topic before you even started talking about it. Or You were famished after working long hours and suddenly your colleague came to you with a treat.

You may call them meaningful coincidences but if you live a conscious life, you will see that most of the thoughts which you generated just like that, somehow came back to you through somebody and they got manifested in your physical reality. You don’t need to believe in what I am saying, rather I want you to experiment with it. Just be conscious of what kind of thoughts are coming in your mind. You will see that thoughts start materializing itself. Sometimes it may happen very quickly like in moments & sometimes it may happen in a couple of days or weeks. But the effect is bound to happen.

It’s very important that you generate the right kind of thoughts within you. If you are planning to do something ill to others, then be careful. All those evils which you have planned for somebody else will soon chase you and make your life miserable. Right now you must be thinking that this is all a belief, but that’s not true. I am saying it not because I read it somewhere. I am saying this because this is my own personal experience with life. If you sow mango seed; you will only get mangos, not apples. Similarly, if you are planning to do harm to others, that’s what will happen to you too.

In India traditionally this is referred to as KARMA. You may also refer to one of my previous articles here to know more about karma. It’s time that you should make your thoughts a conscious process. The moment it happens, you will literally become the maker of your own future. Life will simply flow if you are able to handle your mental thought process consciously….!

Peace and Love!


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