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‘You don’t have enemies in life’

Your enemy is yourself in a different uniform. If you see the reality of life, you will experience everything as a part of yourself. If you have that experience, then there is no question of having an enemy because you experientially realize that the life which is throbbing within you is the same life which is throbbing in another person or an animal or insect or a worm. We literally live in each other at the core of the existence. If that is so, how can we have enemies, It’s like saying I am my own enemy which amounts to insanity.

The reason why most of the humanity is not aware of this truth is that they are not exploring the inner aspects of their life. Almost 90 percent of the people are running after the material aspect of who they are. It doesn’t matter how much money you gather, the truth of the matter is that all of us are going to die one day. And before we fall dead it’s very important that we know the true nature of our existence & live a joyful and fulfilled life. The material aspects satisfy human beings to a very limited extent. Money can not transport us to a completely different dimension of experience. Money is just for entertainment which won’t last long.

If we have to know bliss in our life it’s very important that we become truly peaceful and joyful human beings. That will happen only when we expand our boundaries as much as we can. When we involve our life in something which is beyond our personal interests, likes & dislikes, suddenly you will find the source of joy within you. Once joy becomes a constant companion, then whatever happens, we will be just fine with that. If you are not even peaceful, then what’s the point of becoming a billionaire? You will anyway not be able to enjoy what you have. Let’s commit this to our self that in every activity where ever we involve our self in, We will work together in creating a peaceful, happier & joyful world…..!

Peace & Love!



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