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‘How to live a joyful life’

All through our life, we keep waiting for those moments where our life could be naturally blissful. But we just keep expecting without really paying attention to the mechanics of life. This is to a larger extent because of the social conditioning which veils the most obvious experience of happiness to us. Something for which we really have to do nothing, in particular; the conditioned thoughts and ideas take away this possibility from us. And because we identify our self with what society talks about, we start moving towards misery slowly and steadily. This ultimately leads to stress, anxiety, depression, and many more disorders.

It pains me to see that something as simple as happiness, people are not able to be in that state. Just to become peaceful, people are taking the heavy dosage of drugs, alcohol, smoking and many other alternatives. This is because somewhere we have forgotten that happiness, peace & joy is inherent to a human being. We think we have to work towards happiness and joy in order to get it. No, That’s not the case. The only problem right now is that we have created a hell out of our own mind and that’s why it is going crazy and out of balance.

If only we could be more conscious of the activity of our own mind, we would have been in a position to handle it little more efficiently. The first step which you can take in this direction is that you need to stop identifying with your thought process. For most of the people who feel stressed out all the time, one of the common qualities for them is that they are in a constant state of mental thought process. As I mentioned this is all because of over-identification with our own thought.

If you just become aware of your own thoughts and analyze them, you will see that an endless cyclical process is going on in your mind. You keep thinking about a single thought millions of times and exaggerate it. Once the thought is magnified, there is no way you can get rid of it. So the best practice is to kill the thought as soon as it arises. And the way to kill the thought is not to interact with it. Once you know how to kill your thought, then you may start a simple process where you consciously breathe and pay attention to your own breath.

If you just try these little practical tricks, you will see that over a period of time, your mental balance will improve, you will have more clarity of thought, your compulsive actions will start to become feeble and above all, you will turn into a wonderful, happy and joyful human being. I wish each one of us could become like that in order to live a life which is not only beneficial for us but for the entire life on this planet.


Peace & Love!


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