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‘Meditation is like a good actor in a play’

A good actor never forgets that he is not the characters he is playing. If an actor identifies himself as the character then the chances of him playing another role effectively are very remote. Only when he keeps a separation between himself and the roles, he gets empowered to play any role to the best of his own capability. That person is a true actor in the real sense.

If we apply the same analogy in Yoga, We can say that the meditation makes you a great actor so that you can play the drama of your life just the way you want without entangling yourself into the various situations. Meditation makes you realize who you really are. Once you know your true self, there is no chance that you will get identified with your body, mind or any other external situation. 

Once you disidentify yourself with everything that is not real, you get an access to the eternal peace and joy. That’s when you enable yourself in such a way that no matter what happens in your life, you will still know how you need to handle a particular situation. This means you truly become like a great actor who knows how to play his roles well and at the same time he keeps a distance between himself and the roles so that they cannot affect him in any way.


Peace and Love!


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