‘Meditation is a living death’

  • When you live and die at the same time and become conscious of it, That’s meditation.


  • Right this moment a few thousand cells are getting degenerated and a few thousand new cells are getting regenerated. This process is eternally on in every creature on this planet. At the quantum level, there is no such thing called as the matter or the physical object. We are a bunch of few billion self-organizing cells which are living and dying every moment. When this very process comes to your conscious experience, That’s meditation or in the larger context, we say this is YOGA.


  • Meditation is the death of every possible physical activity, be it a bodily action or psychological. When all physical actions stop, what is left is just a silent presence which is the consciousness itself. 


  • When all the temporary identities die in your experience and what is left is just pure being, That’s where Meditation blossoms. 


  • When you realize that life and death are essentially two different names for the same thing, That’s meditation. There is just life and life. Death is the fiction of an ignorant mind who has never experienced anything beyond a physical identity.


  • When you experience the equanimity and unanimity of the whole creation, That’s meditation.


  • When you lose the sense of which is me and which is not me, That’s meditation.


  • When the subject of observation, the object of observation and the process of observation all become one, That’s meditation.


  • When the duality of existence gets dissolved in your experience and what is left is just a single non-dual universe, That’s meditation.


  • When you can shed your body as consciously as you live, That’s meditation.


Peace and Love!



4 thoughts on “‘Meditation is a living death’

  1. You have nicely explained the practice of meditation. basically, meditation is a process to contemplate the arising and passing away of the mental feelings and perceptions without a judgment of good or bad. All the worldly phenomena must be accepted as the way they come without any like or dislike.

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  2. The heading seems to be a misnomer.. but the article is beautiful. Thank you for penning down your thoughts – gems!


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