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‘Sound is of the Periphery & Silence is of the Core’

If you have ever paid attention to the existential life, you will know that life happens in absolute silence. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that ‘Silence’ is the incubation center for the life to happen and I did not mean it metaphorically, I mean it literally. Let’s understand it like this. An unborn baby who is still in the mother’s womb is all encased in silence. There is not a single sign of a sound & yet the very mechanics of life are happening within the womb. When it comes the right time and the fetus matures into a full-blown baby, that’s where nature decides to push the baby out and the first act which s/he performs is the sound. Now if we look deeply as to what is happening here, then you will realize that the quality of the womb is silence at its deepest core which finally lead to sound.

Only because this silent process of nurturing kept on going for 9 months within mother’s womb, we could arise with the possibility of a sound. When I refer to sound, I am not necessarily talking about the sound as we know it in the social context. I am referring to the most fundamental reverb which can manifest out of the vast expanse of the emptiness of this universe. The fact of the matter is that any physical manifestation in the form of a sound or reverb is an outcome of the pre-existent silence which acts as the womb of the creation. 

We can apply this analogy literally in any context and you will see that this is universally applicable. A potential bird is always encased in something which we call an Egg. The moment bird gets matured, suddenly he gets this energy to break the shell and set himself free. If we again look at the mechanics of this process, we will realize that the process of life originates from the ‘Silence’ and then slowly moves towards the reverb.

The depth of an ocean is absolutely silent. Those people who have ever done scuba diving they know this fact from their own experience. The deeper you go into the Ocean, the silent and mysterious it becomes. If you go beyond a certain limit, you will see that the bottom of the ocean is absolutely still. And this is that stillness which is holding the entire ocean together. If the core of the ocean was not still, do you think the ocean can come into the existence? The clear answer is No. Only because the bottom is utterly silent in its own depth, it suddenly gets empowered to hold the entire ocean onto itself.

Now, this is the nature of your own existence, which almost the entire humanity has forgotten. People think that stress is a part of their life. People think misery is their fate. People think suffering is inevitable in the process of life. If you really look deeper into these aspects, you will find that all of the above-mentioned statements are just assumptions. People live their entire life in ignorance and then they come up with sophisticated excuses to defend their own ignorance. This is so ironical & unfortunate. 

Stress, misery, and suffering exist in your life because you have not figured out the nature of your own existence. When you sit for meditation and simply be aware of the activity of your mind, initially you will see there are millions of thoughts which are coming and going. And you will also realize that every thought that appears in your mind, you start to fuel that thought by interacting with it. The moment you start interacting with your own thoughts (most of them are just psychological imagination which will never manifest), you start to identify with that. The moment you identify with your thoughts it starts to affect your biology.

So depending on how you interpret your thought, it starts to generate a corresponding biological response. And then this process continues and you come to a conclusion that meditation is a horrible process. Now the best way to avoid such situations in your meditation is that whenever thoughts are appearing and disappearing in your mind, do not fuel them. When I say do not fuel them, I mean do not interact with them. Just stay like a silent witness. The moment you stop interacting with a thought, you will see that a thought will become very weak. It’s very similar to a physical process. When you don’t put food into your body, there will come a point where the body will become feeble and will die at the end.

Similarly, if you do not put food into your thought, suddenly you will see that the thought will die of hunger because it is not getting any fuel. If you learn to do it once, then you can learn to do it, again and again, using your own awareness. Once you master this technique of not interacting with your thoughts, there will come a day where you will sit for meditation and you will not have a single thought in your mind. What then remains is just YOU as a silent presence in its purest form and nobody else. For the first time in your life, suddenly you will discover the absolute silence within yourself. Once you have found your own deepest core, you get empowered phenomenally to handle your life including the situations around you. That day will be the end of all the miseries and suffering. 

Once you have matured enough into your meditation, then you can start applying this technique in every walk of life and one by one you will start to have explosions of realizations. One by one you will start to realize that silence is not only the fundamental nature of human beings, but the silence is the nature of the very cosmos itself. The day when you experientially realize this truth of existence, you will get liberated from the very process of life and death, because ‘Silence is not something which comes and goes. Silence simply is. Silence is eternal and infinite. Silence is the unbounded energy that is responsible for everything which existed in the past, which still exists in the present and which can ever manifest in future.


Peace and Love!


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