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‘Being Vs. Convenience’

If you don’t need someone for any particular reason, but still you choose to be with that person totally; that is of a significant value. If you choose to be with someone just because you have silly little expectations from that person, that’s called as the convenience. Taking this as a parameter we can evaluate our own life & see which category we belong to.

If the answer is former; the chances are that you will live your life peacefully & joyfully most of the time because your life’s joy is no longer a slave of some else’s presence. You are joyful because your own life energies are exuberant. In such a situation if you choose to be with someone, naturally you will spread joy and happiness in the surroundings as well.

If the answer is latter, then the chances of you being happy and joyful will become remote over a period of time because your happiness is dependent upon somebody else. If that somebody is gracious enough then you are lucky otherwise you don’t have a chance. It’s time that we make right kind of choices for our self when it comes to our life because that will decide the very course and trajectory of where it goes……!

Peace and Love!


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