‘Love is like a Flower’

Love is the sweetest way to be for a human being. When the emotions become pleasant within ourself, we call it as love. When love happens, it transports a human being to a different dimension of experience where there is minimum friction and maximum intensity. Which means that we switch from basic transactional mode to a more profound way of living our life.

But at the same time, We need to recognize the fact that love is very fragile. The very nature of love is vulnerability. It is in this vulnerability the love thrives. We can use the example of a flower to understand love in a very fundamental way.

Love is like a flower. When you create a necessary environment around a seed it gets converted into a plant and if you keep nurturing the plant constantly taking care of his fundamental needs (Water, Manure, Sunlight etc.);  the flowers blossom. Similarly, for a loving relationship, you need to create the necessary environment. When the ambience gets created, suddenly the love will start shining out of it. 

At the same time, love needs constant care and attention. If I have to stick to the same example, When you hold a flower you make sure that you hold it very carefully and gently because one hard blow and the flower is gone. So you have to hold it in a certain way to make sure that you do not destroy the beauty & existence of the flower. Similarly to sustain a relationship of love, you gotta throw your head and heart into it. There should be no calculation as to what I am gonna get out of it. 

When you simply love someone without thinking about what will I get, that’s where the love starts to shine more and more. Only when you as a person consciously surrender and include someone else as a part of you, the love starts blooming in that relationship. If you do not hold it gently then it is bound to crumble one day. The choice is in our hands whether we want to make it or break it………!


Peace & Love!


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