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‘Be Do Be Do Be Do Be:The Happiness Mantra’

I have seen many people trying their hands on meditation and after some time they stop doing it because they don’t know whether they are doing it the right way or not. In today’s article, We will explore the ways using which you can clearly see and experience whether you are on the right path or you are going somewhere else. If your mind is shifting from ‘Doing to Being’, that means you are on the right path in your meditation. 

Initially, when you will start meditating, you won’t be aware that you have a nonstop thinking mind. However, if you stabilize yourself a bit more into the meditative process, then you go deeper and suddenly you realize the same. Once you realize that your thought process has gone out of control, That’s the time where you need to start putting conscious effort in order to bring your psychological activity to a perfect ease & harmony.

Meditation is just a tool to get to a state where your thought process and your emotions are completely in your hands. Once you reach this level, then you realize that a thought is just a tiny little happening within your mind and there is a ‘Pure Presence’ or ‘Awareness’ which prevails your psychological thinking process. That’s the stage where you experientially shift from Thinking Human Being’ to just a ‘Being’.

Most of the people all around the world today follow ‘Do Be Do Be Do Be Do rule…….’ Which means first they try to do something and then they try to be in order to bring something worthwhile in their life, but this very method is a hopeless method and has not worked even for a single person on this Earth.

Let’s take an example of Love to understand it in a more fundamental way.  In any typical relationship in today’s time, As a first step, The person tries to pamper another person by saying sweet words about how handsome/beautiful s/he is, Then they will gift something to each other, they will go for a movie, shopping, party, clubs, dinner etc. Once all of this commotion is over then they think it will bring them closer and they will have a more profound relationship with each other in terms of their love. 

But you will see if you continue doing all this commotion over and over again, it kind of turns ugly & the relationship doesn’t sustain. I am not questioning the intention behind this commotion. The intentions could be very much in its place the way they should be, But the fundamental flaw here is that We are first trying to ‘Do’ and then we think we will fall in the lap of love’.

The ideal rule is ‘Be Do Be Do Be Do Be………’ So if I have to stay with the same example, If you just become truly loving within yourself, and then you come in touch with a person whom you want to be with, you will see the love will explode within you like never before, not because you have extracted that love from the other person, rather you have multiplied your inherent loving quality which was already there within you; with the other person. The moment two persons have become truly one in their experience, then whatever they do, it turns out to be wonderful. After that whatever would be necessary you will simply do that, instead of mindlessly going for a shopping or to a party club out of the compulsiveness thinking it will make your bond strong. No, It will not.

If you deeply look into this aspect, you will realize that Only if you know how to be, you would truly know how to do. If you do it the other way around i.e first Do and then Be; Initially you might think, Wow! it’s working, but soon it will crumble.

Meditation is a process which makes you realize your being & that is your inherent state as a life. Once you are in touch with your being, then whatever you do, that is wonderful & longlasting. The moment you are able to sustain any Experience, that’s the end of suffering. For. E.g If you are happy and you know how to simply Stay happy, misery cannot touch you. Right now the only problem is, this moment you are happy but the next moment you are sad or angry. But this is very much sure that everybody has been happy at some point in time. The only question is how to sustain it. The answer is Be Do Be Do Be rule. It’s not that difficult, Isn’t it? Just reverse the equation, that’s it. 🙂

So after your Meditation, if you are happier than before, if you are energetic than before, if you have more clarity, if you are more accepting towards the situations & people around you, that’s a proof that your Meditation is working for you and you are doing it the right way. Once you achieve this state, Life will open the doorway of limitless possibilities for you.

Peace and Love!

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