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“The Fundamental Nature of Human Beings”

For eons, such questions have been asked by the people as to what is the fundamental nature of a human being & what is it for which a human being is longing for. I believe each one of us already knows the answer although experientially that’s not true with many of the people. The fundamental human nature is love, compassion & happiness. If I ask you what is the choice for yourself, for sure you will choose to have the highest level of pleasantness within yourself. A couple of years ago there were few American scientists who were doing a research on this area. They decided to choose tiny tots as a part of their experiment because they are the ones who are least corrupted by the societal influences & conditioning.

As a part of the experimentation process, They divided the children into a group of two. For those children who belonged to group number 1, scientists played a cartoon programme and in that cartoony video, there were two kids who were fighting with each other aggressively. The scientists observed that while this video was being shown to the children, they showed visual markers of the feeling of distress and some sort of fear in their eyes, face & physical body. On the contrary, scientists played a very pleasant cartoony video to the children belonging to the group number 2. In the video, there were two kids who were laughing, playing and hugging each other. While the video was being played, the scientists clearly noticed a very different response. In this case, the children who were watching this video showed visual markers of happiness & joyfulness. Later this experiment was repeated with a couple of more groups of children and the results were exactly the same as mentioned above.

This shows that essentially we as human beings, we all are longing for love, compassion, and happiness. The next question then comes, If that is so, where do we start in order to get to that state. My recommendation would be, you start the change with yourself without expecting anybody else to get changed for you. If you invest sufficient amount of time in enhancing your life, you will see over a period of time you will become peaceful and joyful. The very purpose of YOGA is the same. Yoga takes you towards your original nature of love and compassion. If you expect somebody else to change, then that’s a hopeless case. However, if you become joyful, It is natural that with whom so ever you come in touch with, you will deal with them joyfully. Just pay attention and see, On a certain day when you are really happy, everything seems to be just fine no matter how the situations are around. But if you are miserable, just about anything can make you feel angry and there are high chances that you will end up hurting someone else as well.

So just start working on your body and mind so that you become more and more pleasant physically as well as psychologically. Once this happens, no matter what happens to you in the external world, you can navigate your way through any kind of situation effortlessly………….!


Peace & Love!


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