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Why people are seeking Chemical Solutions?

In today’s world which is full of challenges, to keep yourself at your best is not an easy thing. You really gotta have the courage to stand up and speak for yourself where ever needed. In such a situation where you are constantly on your toes; destructive emotions like stress, anger, anxiety, depression, distrust, hatred, agony etc. are no strangers to the modern societies. In fact according to a research people in western societies believe that all these destructive emotions are inherently a part of their life, which is not true. This has started to happen in the eastern societies as well. When you are in such a state where life is a constant struggle, you somehow want to slow it down. That’s where you feel the need of drugs and alcohol as the solution to the problems which you face. When you pop in a certain drug or when you drink alcohol, the very first thing it does to you is it slows down your mind. When thoughts and emotions become out of control and you are not able to handle it, you naturally get inclined towards some instant solution which slows this life process down, and for few moments you feel utter peace and a sense of liberation within yourself, but by the time it is dawn you again get the reality check and you are back to the so-called normal ‘abnormal state’.

Let’s look at the fundamentals of why it is happening. If you set apart all the fantastic desires which you have as human beings, you will realize that essentially all of us are looking for ‘Pleasantness’. We may call it peace, joy, happiness, love, ecstasy etc. All these come under the ambit of pleasantness. And this is not true just for human beings, but for other creatures as well to a certain extent. Those people who have dogs at their home have clearly experienced it for sure. Dogs are always pumped up and full of joy. Little pussycat if not very happy, is normally peaceful. If you closely observe a cow at your farmhouse, you will see she is utterly peaceful & at ease for no reason. Now when it comes to animals, nature has set a bottom and a top line. They operate only between these two lines. If you are a wildlife enthusiast you would notice that even a ferocious lion don’t bother other creatures until he is really hungry. So for an animal, once the stomach is full, their life is settled.

When it comes to a human being, nature has only set a bottom line. There is no top line. Which means we can choose to be any way we want. That is what differentiates us from other creatures on this planet. We have been blessed with an active evolving intelligence. You would agree that when it comes to the physical aspects, any wild animal can easily defeat us. But because we have an intellect which is far more evolved than animals, we dominate the whole planet. Once our stomach is empty, we have only one problem i.e. ‘Food’. But once we are well fed, we have hundreds of problems. You try your best to cop up with those problems and when all the instruments fail you, you slowly start to shift towards pills. You want to feel high, and you can not find any other option but the Drugs & Alcohol. You are somehow trying to expand your life experience. But I want you to pose one question to yourself. When you drink or pop in a drug, how long it lasts? Further, ask yourself, Is it a permanent solution to your problems or you are just trying to somehow drag your life. If you are conscious, you will clearly realize that ‘Drugs’ are not a solution to your problems. It is just a ‘Band-Aid’ patch to a cancerous disease which you are suffering from, which is never gonna work.

When you get high by using an external agent, It gives you a temporary sense of oneness, your psychological structure starts to loosen up and suddenly you become generous. If you have observed, you must have seen that even those people who do not normally socialize in their normal states, suddenly they seem to have a tremendous confidence and they become very outgoing after drinking. But the limitation of being in such a state is that, Although you have a great confidence, you lose your clarity. You lose clarity both at physical levels and mental levels. Confidence without clarity is a disaster. Now let’s look at the fact that why we are creating such disasters for us despite knowing that this is something which is not good for us. The very simple reason is ‘We have an intelligence for which we don’t have a stable enough base’. Our thought process has taken a toll on us big time. We are constantly in a state of mental diarrhea. Once we start thinking about something, we can simply not stop it, because the very fundamentals of life have not been properly understood.

Let’s take a simple example here. The reason for stress for most of the people is that they are either thinking about their past, or they are fearing what may happen in future. Which means they are using the power of their ‘Memory & Imagination’ as a destructive tool rather than using it as an empowering tool. So when you say you are suffering your past or future, you are actually suffering that which doesn’t exist. Which is a clear signal of Insanity? If you just focus on the things which are happening in the present moment, our lives would be much more simplistic and peaceful. Also whenever a difficult situation comes in your life, If you simply respond rather than reacting, you will be better equipped to handle it. Responding means, firstly you accept that this situation has come in your life and you gotta find a solution to it. When you take responsibility for any situation, naturally you start looking for solutions, And you try your best to get out of it. But when you try to run away from the reality in which you exist, that’s where you start to develop the stress, anxiety and other destructive emotions I mentioned earlier. And the ultimate result is you lose your control and you are not able to find a way out. Which then leads you to chemical solutions. And you are then trapped in a whirlpool which will never let you come out of it.

When you are in a state of yoga, The consequence is ‘It brings confidence with clarity’. When you have clarity, handling a situation is no more a struggle. It’s only when your body and mind don’t take instructions from you, you tend to fall down. But once you have the clear perception of life, you are all set. Once your perception of life expands, you can create the drama of your life the way you want it.

In today’s world where the intellect of human being is at its peak, it’s very important that we learn to know how to use it for our well-being. As per the statistics, there are predictions that the ‘Pharmaceutical’ industry is going to take over the Food industry in a matter of 8-10 years. Which literally means that we would be taking more medicine than food. This is a clear sign that we are not heading towards our well-being. It’s high time that we take charge of our lives by making conscious choices. One thing is very clear, We all want pleasantness. The only question is what method you use to achieve that. If you use ‘Chemicals’ to get there, you clearly see that it’s a short-term approach which later will create a lot of other problems. On the other side if you use an approach which is logically correct and scientifically ascertainable, then you have a high possibility to find out a solution for the long run & it will invariably lead to pleasantness. The choice is yours.

Happy Reading 🙂

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