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‘Pain: A super efficient support for life’

I know most of you must be thinking that there is something wrong with the writer when he addresses ‘Pain’ as a support for life. But I am sure after reading this article your perspective towards pain will change. Also before we start talking about pain, it’s very important to distinguish between the ‘Pain’ and… Continue reading ‘Pain: A super efficient support for life’

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‘Mortality: Understanding it’s significance’

‘Someone has rightly said that ‘Don’t fear mortality because it is the very mortality that gives meaning & depth to all the days which are left with you’. When we talk about mortality, many people get petrified. But we need to understand that mortality is the best gift of our life. Only because we are… Continue reading ‘Mortality: Understanding it’s significance’

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‘Present Moment: A doorway to bliss & ecstasy’

‘Do not dwell in the past, Do not dream of the future, Concentrate the mind on the present moment’. These were the words spoken by Buddha himself about the present moment. If you understand what Buddha here is talking about, you will realize deeply that present moment is all you will ever have in your… Continue reading ‘Present Moment: A doorway to bliss & ecstasy’