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‘Love is the experience of our shared Being’

The very nature of Love is an inclusive process i.e. when you include something or somebody as a part of yourself emotionally then that is called as Love. Which means when two or more people’s emotions resonate with each other, there is a certain unity between those people. However, it’s very unfortunate that nowadays love… Continue reading ‘Love is the experience of our shared Being’

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I am sure you might have read the word transcendence somewhere or at least heard somebody talking about it. The moment people hear about it, they go into some sort of imagination because for them this is just a fanciful word with no existential meaning. However, if you look carefully, there is no person in… Continue reading ‘Transcendence’


‘Love is like a Flower’

Love is the sweetest way to be for a human being. When the emotions become pleasant within ourself, we call it as love. When love happens, it transports a human being to a different dimension of experience where there is minimum friction and maximum intensity. Which means that we switch from basic transactional mode to… Continue reading ‘Love is like a Flower’

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Why do we connect with Babies instantaneously?

Every time I look at a little infant or a baby, my heart melts and this fills me with absolute joy. From social context, I could have no connection with the baby I am looking at. He is not my family member or a nephew or a niece or any other label which we usually… Continue reading Why do we connect with Babies instantaneously?

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Love: A state beyond words

Love is a state of being which is beyond give and take……………which is beyond words and language………..which is beyond right and wrong………………..which is beyond dualities of life where you as a person doesn’t matter anymore…………….Have you made the ground fertile enough to grow love in it?…………….This is not a question which I am asking to… Continue reading Love: A state beyond words

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“The Fundamental Nature of Human Beings”

For eons, such questions have been asked by the people as to what is the fundamental nature of a human being & what is it for which a human being is longing for. I believe each one of us already knows the answer although experientially that’s not true with many of the people. The fundamental… Continue reading “The Fundamental Nature of Human Beings”

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The Burning Ocean

Those moments were really Strange……..The Ocean of thoughts was burning inside…….The impulse within was surfing the waves of dilemma……………I was wondering what this life is about……..I tried hard to crack the Riddle…….But failed………Then suddenly, when I almost gave up……..A revelation emerged from within………..I just sat silent and experienced the subtlety of what was happening……..It seemed… Continue reading The Burning Ocean

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‘Peaceful Mind’: Panacea to all Problems

Have you ever noticed, when you are peaceful and equanimous within yourself, Just about every simple act in your life turns beautiful and When you are angry or stressful, Most wonderful things mean nothing to you? I believe every one of you at some point in time in your life must have experienced it. The… Continue reading ‘Peaceful Mind’: Panacea to all Problems