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‘Look through the eyes of your Being’

If you want to know the joy of living, then you have to look through the eyes of your being. When I say eyes of the being, I am talking about your central frame of reference which works as a compass to guide you in every step you take. I am referring to the original… Continue reading ‘Look through the eyes of your Being’

Life · Poetry

‘The Blank Space’

The more I question my own existence, the more it leads me towards dead end, The more I wonder who am I, the more is the longing within to transcend!   I don’t even know what I am looking for, I don’t know which direction to choose, But there is something deep within me, which… Continue reading ‘The Blank Space’

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Space & Time: A Myth or Reality?

Although in our day to day life situations, we use the Space & Time just like any other words; these two are not as simple as they seem. Almost for every human being the meaning of space & time is different depending on how they perceive these two experientially. I would say the experience of… Continue reading Space & Time: A Myth or Reality?