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‘Drop temporary identities to experience Life’

When you were born, you came as an open limitless possibility in this cosmos. A child doesn’t have any conditioning of its own, but slowly over a period of time as the child grows up, he starts imbibing the qualities which surround him. Or in other words, a child starts to get identified with almost… Continue reading ‘Drop temporary identities to experience Life’

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‘Love is the experience of our shared Being’

The very nature of Love is an inclusive process i.e. when you include something or somebody as a part of yourself emotionally then that is called as Love. Which means when two or more people’s emotions resonate with each other, there is a certain unity between those people. However, it’s very unfortunate that nowadays love… Continue reading ‘Love is the experience of our shared Being’

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‘Love: Not just a 4 lettered word’

Today we are going to step into one of the most beautiful & talked about area of life which is ‘Love’. Although there have been written books about love, movies have been made, poems have been penned; still, love seems to remain a mystery for many of us. We are still struggling with million different… Continue reading ‘Love: Not just a 4 lettered word’