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‘You are not the roles you play’

Being born as a human being is the best thing that has ever happened for us as a species on this planet. No other creature on this planet enjoys the comfort and conveniences which we have. And above all nature has bestowed us with enormous intelligence. For most of the species, if we take care… Continue reading ‘You are not the roles you play’

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‘Experiencing Life: The Fundamental Way’

Being from a hill station in northern part of India, I spent most of my childhood high up in the mountains. The trees, the valleys, the wildlife, the snow in winters, all these were very much a part of my life. There used to be a small lake high up in the mountains which was… Continue reading ‘Experiencing Life: The Fundamental Way’

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Is there God or No God?

Once It happened, Buddha was sitting with his disciples giving a sermon. It was early morning and The Sun was still not fully up. There was a man who was a great believer in GOD. He spent all his life spreading the word of God to everybody. Towards the last years of his life suddenly… Continue reading Is there God or No God?

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‘Buddha: The story of Enlightenment’

The Beginning:  Siddhartha Gautama was born in a Royal family and his father was a king. When Gautama was born, his father invited a great sage of that time to their palace to seek his blessings for a great future and prosperity. The Sage was provided best possible hospitality by the king. It was a… Continue reading ‘Buddha: The story of Enlightenment’

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‘Peaceful Mind’: Panacea to all Problems

Have you ever noticed, when you are peaceful and equanimous within yourself, Just about every simple act in your life turns beautiful and When you are angry or stressful, Most wonderful things mean nothing to you? I believe every one of you at some point in time in your life must have experienced it. The… Continue reading ‘Peaceful Mind’: Panacea to all Problems

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‘Understanding Human Mind: The Yogic Perspective’

I believe during your high school most of you must have heard & read about ‘Theory of evolution’, which was propounded by Charles Darwin in 1859. This theory primarily talks about the evolution of various kinds of species on this planet. Evolution simply means that organisms change over a period of time to better adapt… Continue reading ‘Understanding Human Mind: The Yogic Perspective’

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‘Love: Not just a 4 lettered word’

Today we are going to step into one of the most beautiful & talked about area of life which is ‘Love’. Although there have been written books about love, movies have been made, poems have been penned; still, love seems to remain a mystery for many of us. We are still struggling with million different… Continue reading ‘Love: Not just a 4 lettered word’

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Forgiveness beyond words

The eminent leader of Indian independence movement ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ rightly mentioned that ‘Weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong’. There can not be a better explanation than this about forgiveness. Forgiveness seems to be just 11 lettered word, but it has the capability to transform your life in a big way.… Continue reading Forgiveness beyond words