‘Love is like a Flower’

Love is the sweetest way to be for a human being. When the emotions become pleasant within ourself, we call it as love. When love happens, it transports a human being to a different dimension of experience where there is minimum friction and maximum intensity. Which means that we switch from basic transactional mode to… Continue reading ‘Love is like a Flower’

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Why do we connect with Babies instantaneously?

Every time I look at a little infant or a baby, my heart melts and this fills me with absolute joy. From social context, I could have no connection with the baby I am looking at. He is not my family member or a nephew or a niece or any other label which we usually… Continue reading Why do we connect with Babies instantaneously?


‘The Fundamental You’

In the previous article, we have clearly seen and understood that ‘We are not the roles we play’ (To explore more you may Click Here). Then the next obvious question comes, Who am I?. As I suggested earlier that if we really analyze this question, eventually we will find the answer. Using meditation as a… Continue reading ‘The Fundamental You’

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‘You are not the roles you play’

Being born as a human being is the best thing that has ever happened for us as a species on this planet. No other creature on this planet enjoys the comfort and conveniences which we have. And above all nature has bestowed us with enormous intelligence. For most of the species, if we take care… Continue reading ‘You are not the roles you play’


‘Every life form is precious’

When I observe people and the ways of the society, It pains me deep within to see how unconscious and insensitive we all are, to the life around us. In the name of economic well being, It is almost like we are determined to destroy this planet. This will actually come true if we keep… Continue reading ‘Every life form is precious’


‘The Phenomena of Life’

Life is like the fragrance of a flower in a gentle spring breeze, Always flowing in the direction of progressive expansion of Happiness and Joy. It is the human mind which makes simple things complex. If only we could stop identifying with our thought process, the phenomena of life will open up the doorway which… Continue reading ‘The Phenomena of Life’

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‘Be Do Be Do Be Do Be:The Happiness Mantra’

I have seen many people trying their hands on meditation and after some time they stop doing it because they don’t know whether they are doing it the right way or not. In today’s article, We will explore the ways using which you can clearly see and experience whether you are on the right path… Continue reading ‘Be Do Be Do Be Do Be:The Happiness Mantra’

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‘Earth: The Grand Design’

What a Grand design the creator has made for our Mother Earth………….It’s too fantastic, Isn’t it?……………………Just take a walk into the jungle and look at everything with a sense of wonder……………..Then you will realize the immensity of what I am talking about……..Just go to a river bank and observe the gamut of activity which is happening… Continue reading ‘Earth: The Grand Design’