Yoga is nowadays the most commonly used term by people all over the world. While people are eating, drinking, working, sleeping they keep on buzzing about yoga, but the irony is that 90 percent of the people do not understand what it really means. Their idea of yoga is just twisting the body or holding a certain kind of posture. Without understanding the dynamics of yogic sciences; today yoga is being improperly practiced in most of the places. My idea behind creating this blog is to make people aware of the very fundamentals of ‘Yogic Process’ and help them achieve a holistic sense of well-being. The word yoga literally means ‘To Unite’. That means when you are in yoga, you have clearly understood the limitations of your physical nature. There is something within you which is asking for more and more. So in a way you are looking for an unlimited possibility in your life. But if you try to achieve that unlimited possibility using the physical means, you will never succeed because nature of physicality is such that it has a defined boundary. Hence if you want to transcend your self into a limitless possibility, you need to look beyond your physicality. There are many yogic practices which can help you achieve that state. Once you have that transcendental experience, you will see that you start experiencing everything including this earth and the whole cosmos as a part of your self. Hence in your experience, you have become one with the whole existence. That is what is the real essence of the yogic science. Today the scientists have also started saying that the whole existence is just one single energy. The diversity which we see in nature is only the manifestation of that energy. The Aadi Yogi said this almost 12 to 15 thousand years ago. Hence when we say yoga, we are essentially trying to bring people back to the true nature of their existence. Once it is achieved, the person is no longer an individual, he has become one with the whole universal energies and he overcomes all the miseries and suffering of his life including the fear of death. The life for such people become simply ecstatic for no reason. In our normal day to day lives, we perceive life only the way our 5 senses (hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching) are projecting it in the firmament of our mind. The very nature of the sense organs is such that it does not reveal the life the way it is, it reveals the life as it is necessary for our survival. For e.g In summers the water in a well seems to be colder because the outer weather is very hot, but the same water in winters seems warmer, not necessarily because the water temperature has changed, it’s because the outer temperature has gone down to a reasonable level. Hence the very nature of our 5 senses is that it always works via comparisons. Comparisons are nothing but the distortions of your own mind which has nothing to do with the reality. It will only help us survive well. Now we are not saying it is not important. It is very much important, the only thing is it is limited and can never fully satisfy the desires of the human beings. Hence to summarize, the yoga is a way where a person can consciously find a meaningful expression of his desires. The whole effort of yogic science is to take a person from a compulsive way of living to the conscious way of living. The ultimate aim of yoga is to make a person realize the true nature of the existence so that peace and joy are not an aspiration, rather the natural expression of life.

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  1. Thank you following my blog which, in turn, brought yours to my attention. It is really very interesting and I will look forward to reading more. I am one of those people guilty of saying “I do yoga” when all I really do is stretch my body!

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  2. Hello Kapil. I am very new to your blog and have been receiving immensely from your insight and writings. Thank you!

    For a while now my heart has been drawing me to the Yogic Science. I follow Sadhguru and subscribe to his guidance, however, I would like to explore the science more intimately as I feel this method of better understanding the Self is what my heart desires.

    Based on what I’ve read on your blog so far, you seem to be a practitioner of the science. Can you perhaps point me in a direction on how I can delve further?

    Your response and guidance will be greatly appreciated.


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