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‘Stop identifying with your thoughts if you want to get rid of them’

In today’s time, Human beings are the most self-suffering creatures on this planet. There is no other life form who is so much capable of suffering like the human beings are. The greatest irony is, we humans are suffering because of our own actions. We have almost wiped out half the species from the planet to bring well being to ourselves but we are still a serious failure. The situation has reached to such an extent that even to sleep people have to take sleeping pills. People are not able to stop their thought process unless they have had two glasses of wine and that too lasts for few moments and they are back on track. People are not capable of sitting still in one single place, they are in such a state of compulsion that they have to do something all the time in order to keep them sane. For most of the people, the weekend means partying in a Bar. This is the reality in most of the western countries and this has slowly started to make its mark on the eastern societies as well.

We, Humans, are doing all of this drama for the very fundamental reason that we are not able to handle our own mind. It is constantly on all the time. Even in sleep people can’t get rid of their thoughts and that’s why they have to take external chemical inputs to put their body & mind to rest. One of the prominent reason for this situation is that we human beings are too much identified with our own thought process. The nature of the mind is such that once it gets identified with anything, it will only think about that. No matter how much you try, once you get identified yourself with something (In this case we are talking about identification with our own thought process), then there is no way to get out of it.

Just to give you a simple example, Let’s say you were walking on a street and there was a man passing by who just gazed at you & smiled. The first reaction from most of the people will be, they will become suspicious. Few of the lot will start looking at themselves as if something is wrong with their clothes or body. Some people will actually go to the person and invite for a fight. Now all of this drama is happening because you made too many assumptions about that man. Probably that man was in a very happy mood and out of his joy he just smiled at you. But unfortunately, in today’s time, the normal human tendency is; they will never have a positive outlook towards any situation. They will always try to find out the negative side of it.

So if you are really interested in your own wellbeing, the first and foremost thing which you need to do is to stop identifying with your own thoughts. And let me tell you that whatever you are thinking, it is not even yours. Your thoughts are essentially coming from the heap of information which you have collected either from your family & friends or from the internet. If you pay attention, you will realize that your thoughts are just picked up information and not really your own. So you should have the courage to go beyond your thought process and explore something deeper than that.

When I say stop identifying with your thoughts, it doesn’t mean that you should not use your thoughts in order to get things done. When it comes to the physical world, a thought is a very powerful tool. However, when the thoughts become compulsive, then it brings trouble for you & the people around. The moment you abandon a compulsive thought, suddenly you will have a great sense of freedom. This freedom will come only if you are able to generate your thoughts consciously.

Compulsive action (Be it a mental or physical) always leads to self-destruction in many different ways. If you do very simple practices like Conscious breathing, Yoga Asanas, Meditation etc. you will see that within a week or two you will start to become more and more conscious. The more conscious you are, the less compulsive you become. If you sustain your practices, there will come one day where you will be totally free from your compulsive habits. I wish that day should manifest in each one of our lives as early as possible…….!

Peace & Love!



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