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‘Human Being Vs. Human Doing’

When we call a Human as a Human Being, there is an underlying assumption that the life form which we refer to as a Human should know how to be. Unfortunately, that is the only thing which is nonexistent in today’s time. The entire humanity knows how to do so many things, but they do not know how to be. When I say how to be, let’s understand this in proper context. How to be simply means you are consciously able to create an experience within you the way you want it. If that is so, you will always choose pleasantness. How to be is always a question related to the inner dimension of who you are. When it comes to your physical aspect, then you should know how to do otherwise you won’t be able to survive in this world.

How to be is that aspect of your life which is subtle and in a way is the very basis of your existence as a living being. How to do is that aspect of your life which is also very important and is responsible for safeguarding the physical body. Unfortunately, we have totally ignored the subtler aspects of our life and the whole humanity is moving towards the gross aspects. I am not saying it is wrong, I am only saying that we need both subtle and gross aspects in equal proportions only then our life would have meaning. Right now almost 99 percent of the humanity is after money and material value not paying attention to the ‘Being’.

I want to give you the reality check here. If you think that having a big car, a big house & a big pocket will fulfill you as a human being, then the chances of you being happier and joyful are very remote because you have set the very fundamentals of your life wrong. Material value entertains human beings for a very short period of time and then you will be back to the same point where you were standing earlier. However, if you set the fundamentals of your life right, if you spend an equal amount of time in doing something which is beyond your own personal interests and prejudices, then suddenly you will find yourself in a blissful state. The best thing you can ever do in your life is to contribute to making someone else’s life beautiful.

This will happen only when you will keep other’s wellbeing above your own. And in order to get to this state where you can hold someone else above you, the very first step is you are able to keep your mind’s rubbish separate and just learn to live a conscious life. If you learn to be conscious and aware of every activity you do, then you will know how to conduct yourself in any situation. Learning how to be is the first step if you really want to do something significant in your life. If you don’t even know how to be, then how can you bring wellbeing for yourself and for the others. The chances are very remote.

It’s high time that we should spend sometime in exploring the inner dimension of who we are. It’s time to transcend our own physical limitations so that we can taste something which is little beyond our own self. If this doesn’t happen, then a time will come that everyone will be in a state of distress (which we have already seen happening big time in western countries) and just to survive in this world will become a very big deal. Yoga and Meditation can contribute to a great deal in this direction.

The International Day of Yoga is also coming on June 21st, 2018. It’s time to pledge to ourselves that we will give our best to become joyful human beings. You can only spread what is throbbing in your own interiority. If you are happy, you will spread happiness; If you are miserable, you will make sure that everyone else is miserable. Let’s not take our future generation in that direction.

I wish everyone a very ‘Happy International Day of Yoga 2018’ in advance!

Peace & Love!




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