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‘Do not underestimate your thoughts’

What kind of thought we generate through mental action decides what kind of consequence we will face because of that particular thought. Which means it is very important that our mental thought process is happening consciously. But for most of the human beings on this planet, that’s not the case. Thoughts just keep on flowing… Continue reading ‘Do not underestimate your thoughts’

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‘Stop identifying with your thoughts if you want to get rid of them’

In today’s time, Human beings are the most self-suffering creatures on this planet. There is no other life form who is so much capable of suffering like the human beings are. The greatest irony is, we humans are suffering because of our own actions. We have almost wiped out half the species from the planet… Continue reading ‘Stop identifying with your thoughts if you want to get rid of them’

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‘Human Being Vs. Human Doing’

When we call a Human as a Human Being, there is an underlying assumption that the life form which we refer to as a Human should know how to be. Unfortunately, that is the only thing which is nonexistent in today’s time. The entire humanity knows how to do so many things, but they do… Continue reading ‘Human Being Vs. Human Doing’

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Acceptance: The stepping stone towards wellbeing

Whether we experience life to its fullest or we suffer life; It is all a question of acceptance. The more we accept the situations in which we exist, the more we progress towards our own wellbeing. The more we resist the more we suffer the very process of life. You may take any example from… Continue reading Acceptance: The stepping stone towards wellbeing