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‘Consciousness is absolute & can’t be Objectified’

Usually, when people talk about consciousness, they refer to the state of wakefulness which is not the truth. This is because people’s idea of consciousness is limited to the waking state of who they are. This is also because people never really questioned what consciousness is. They are too involved with their worldly drama that they are missing the reality of their own existence. In the scientific community, the ‘Hard Problem of Consciousness’ is on the hit list. Modern scientists are trying to figure out what the heck is this consciousness, however, they seem not to reach any closer to it because they are making a fundamental mistake in the very way they are approaching it.

Scientists are trying to look for the objectified version of consciousness. Which means they are trying to find out consciousness in an object which is not appropriate when it comes to subjective realities. One thing which we need to sink in our head is that consciousness doesn’t have any objective qualities of its own. Consciousness simply means a presence or the quality of being aware. Using consciousness, you experience the objective reality. Consciousness takes on any color depending on the way you perceive things in your day to day life situations.

For e.g, If we have a glass of water which is half full then different people will have different experiences. Someone will observe it as glass which is half full, someone will say the glass is half empty, someone will simply ignore the water and focus on the glass material, someone will pay attention to the design which is made on the outer surface of the glass. Similarly, there can be ‘n’ number of observations. However, if you see a common quality which connects or interlinks all these experiences is the quality of being aware. Because all those people were aware of the glass and the water inside it, they came up with different permutations & combinations of experiences depending upon the filters of their minds.

If the above-mentioned argument is true, that means there can be literally no experience without consciousness. Consciousness seems to be the fundamental stuff which renders experience to us. And experience is all that we have an access to. In our day to day life, people very loosely say that they met a person, they went to some place, they had this kind of food so on and so forth. But if you ignore the physical aspect of what they are doing and look at the deeper reality, you will find that all of the above-mentioned activities are basically experiences which people have in their life. 

You can think whatever you want and come up with your own conclusions, But the fundamental reality is that you can only have an access to an experience & knowing of that experience through the quality of being aware. If there is no consciousness, the world doesn’t exist for you. For e.g, if you are not reading this article properly, you won’t understand what I am talking about, Isn’t it? Which means you need the quality of being aware or attentive if you have to grasp this article. Same goes for other aspects of your life.

Scientists are trying hard to find consciousness using their standard methods which are the theory, experimentation, and observation. This is a perfect model for finding the relative realities of the objective world but this is not good enough to find consciousness which is a subjective experience. They are not understanding the fact that they are using consciousness itself to perform all of the above-mentioned activities. So instead of looking outward if they pay same attention inward, it can easily solve the riddle for them.

What we are finding in the outside world is already residing in each one of us. It is just a question of changing the direction where we are looking. But you can’t convince a scientist to do it because their own thought process has been highly conditioned by the religion of materialism. If we can simply put our prejudices aside and pay attention to the nature of our own existence, finding consciousness will be the most obvious thing……!


Peace & Love!



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