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‘Death is nature’s compassion’

Death is in a way nature’s biggest gift to any form of life in this universe. It is only because there is death, there is a value of what we are calling as Life. Anything which is physical in the universe is bound to die one day starting from a little pebble to the Mount Everest. The fundamental nature of the physical aspect of the universe is that it is limited. The very word ‘Physical’ itself imposes the boundaries of limitedness to a particular object. That’s the reason when we say something is physical, we are implying that it is here for just a limited amount of time and will vanish one day.

It doesn’t matter how big the physical object is. It could be even the entire galaxy which consists of billions of stars and planets. We are not denying the fact that the life of a galaxy is way more than the life of a human being, but it is still a limited time. The physical cannot exist forever. In fact, there is no such thing called as forever when it comes to the physical aspect of the cosmos.

When we become conscious of this fact, then accepting our own death becomes natural. Now whatever I have just mentioned, most of us are already aware, but still, 99 percent of the people on this planet fear death. This is because it is just an intellectual knowledge for them as of now. People think only someone else dies and they will survive somehow. But that’s not the truth, Isn’t it? Unless this intellectual knowledge translates into a conscious experience within you, you will keep avoiding this reality deliberately. This is the reason for most of the suffering which people go through in their life.

People are well aware of the fundamental truths of nature, but they consciously avoid it. The moment you try to hide the truth from your own self, you start manufacturing misery for yourself. I want you to understand that death is not a negative happening in your life. Death is the law of the universe. One who is born is bound to die one day, once it’s term is over. And it is only because there is death, there is meaning to your life. If you were here forever, I am sure you would have never bothered to do anything significant in your life. Because there is a limited amount of time, now you want to achieve something which really matters to you.

Only because there is death, people start to question the nature of their own existence. They start to question the realities which lie beyond death and dualities of life. This is where the real-life process begins for you because you have fully accepted death within you and you don’t get intimidated by it anymore. In Yoga, it is said that Death is nature’s compassion and this is very much true. Those who embrace this compassion gracefully will know life like never before. Only those people who approach death consciously will have the opportunity to go beyond the eternal cycle of birth and death……!


Peace & Love!




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