‘Life within is waiting to get recognized’

When I say life process, for most of the people they think I am talking about family, friends, cars, big house, money etc. But that’s not true. What we are referring to as life is that creative source which is throbbing in every atom of this existence. When we say life, in a way we are referring to the very basis of our own creation. If only we could leave the belief systems behind and experience everything just the way it exists, that would have been an ideal way to live on this planet. The source of life is beating in every heart. The only thing is we can’t find it because we never paid attention as to how it can be experienced.

As we grew up, we kept on taking different colors of distortions and screwed the entire life process. If we can simply keep our intellect aside and look at everything from a fresh angle, then only life will yield to us. The life within us is waiting to get recognized. Once we have learned how to just absolutely be, suddenly we will experience life just the way it is. Learning just to be, comes with conscious actions. Once your actions become conscious (Be it a mental or physical action) almost anything and everything which you want to manifest in your life will start becoming a reality for you…….!


Peace & Love!


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