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‘Look through the eyes of your Being’

If you want to know the joy of living, then you have to look through the eyes of your being. When I say eyes of the being, I am talking about your central frame of reference which works as a compass to guide you in every step you take. I am referring to the original nature of who you are which is the consciousness itself. Whenever you are dealing with any situation, you just need to be aware of it. The moment you become aware, immediately you will start looking for a solution to the problem which has occurred. If you react compulsively then you will multiply the problem many times over and then get stuck inside of it and your mind will lose its balance.

The reason why people fail in any activity is that they try to look at everything logically through the mirror of their mind. In such a situation if they fail, they go crazy because they have already developed strong identifications with what they think and feel. If you look at the people, you will find that they are strongly identified with their bodies. How they look is of prime importance for them. I am not suggesting that we should not do it. Dressing in a certain way or walking in a certain way is all fine, the only problem is of the identification. If you get over-identified with your body, then suffering will follow you.

I am sure each one of you has seen this in your life that your mind keeps on changing every moment. That means almost every thought which you generate in your mind is changing moment by moment. What you did 5 years ago, nowadays looks like stupid and what you may do the day after tomorrow, you are already planning for it and these plans keep on changing every day. So when this is the situation of your mind, if you identify with your limited thought process, that’s a very dangerous game because you are limiting yourself with the physicality of who you are & not with the actuality of who you are. The nature of the physical universe is that it is bound to die one day. So when your body becomes feeble and approaches its end, fear is natural for you because this is what you have acquired and identified with. Similarly, when someone makes fun of your mind, you become angry, again because of limited identification with your thought process.

If only you learn to look through your being which is the very basis of your own existence, will you find fulfillment in your life which is not subjected to any physical limitations. If you look at a bird like a bird or a dog as a dog, then that is wonderful. But the problem right now is, if you look at a dog, you think that a dog is no good. This is all because of socially induced conditioning. Unfortunately, when people abuse someone, they say you are a dog or a cat or a donkey. People are using the names of these animals in disrespectful attitude which I am unable to figure out why. This shows how much insensitive they are to the life around.

If you look at a dog or a cat or a donkey, just see them as a life form. Yes, they are not as intelligent as you think you are as a human being, but as far as their existence is concerned, they also deserve love, compassion, and empathy. They also deserve to fill their belly and need shelter to survive on this planet. This will happen only when you will experience the fact that the creative intelligence which is keeping you alive and the intelligence which is keeping them alive is one and the same. It has manifested itself in million different ways, but the source of the emergence of a human being, birds, insects or animals is the same. Only when you realize this experientially in your own life, you will have an open exploratory unconditioned mind.

The moment you know that everything is just a part of you, you will conduct your life gracefully and will take care of the other life forms as well. It’s high time that you shift your life from a limited identity to a cosmic identity. Once you do that the world will become your own or in other words, you will become the universe. Once this happens, being sensitive towards life will be natural and you will not need moral lessons to abide by it…….!

Peace & Love!



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