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‘Love is the experience of our shared Being’

The very nature of Love is an inclusive process i.e. when you include something or somebody as a part of yourself emotionally then that is called as Love. Which means when two or more people’s emotions resonate with each other, there is a certain unity between those people. However, it’s very unfortunate that nowadays love is being used purely as an exclusive process in the world. For e.g., If you tell someone that I love you but there are other people in my life whom I love & care for, then the other person whom you are saying this will not like that. Contrary to this If I tell a person that you are the only person whom I love, you are my world, I can’t live without you etc. then suddenly the other person starts to feel special and starts liking it. This is why I said that the way most of the people use love in their life is inherently exclusive and that’s not how ideally it should be.

This is happening because somewhere in the unconscious level of people’s mind, this idea has settled that love means exclusion from the world and creating a cocoon of their own. I would refer to this as a ‘Constipated Love’ which is not actually a love in the real sense. For most of the people when I utter the word love they think I am talking about Man-Woman love. No, That’s not true in all cases. The love is of different kinds. Love exists between a mother and her baby, a sister and her brother, a grandchild and her grandparents etc. Therefore, limiting love just between a man and a woman is a very naive understanding of what love is about.

I am sure there is not even a single person here who has not had a prior experience of love in any form. Whether we are able to sustain that love or not, that is a different question but we have been in love for sure at some point in time in our life. Love is a state which breaches the boundaries of the physical aspect of who we are. When you experience something which is far beyond your own physicality, you experience a deep state of union with that person or a group of people.

This happens because when we are in Love, we start experiencing our own being in the other person. Love is the experience of our shared being. Suddenly you experience that what we are calling as myself and what we are calling as the other is essentially a part of the same being. And if you are willing you can literally experience this union not just with one person or entity, but with almost everything on this planet. This conscious union can happen between you and your pet, you and the flowers in your garden or just you and the sky for that matter.

When this union becomes a conscious expression in your life then you don’t have to strive for love, rather you will become the very epitome of Love. This will be a significant shift in your life because rather than trying to extract love out of somebody or something you will become an expression of your own innate love and joy. 

Peace & Love!


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