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‘We co-create our own future’

It is a well-established fact today that the tendencies which we carry in our own body & mind take our life into a particular direction. So if we think something bad will happen or if we think something good will happen, both become true depending on what we think and choose. Let’s take a very simple example. If you have grudges against someone and you go to that person with negative intentions in your mind, there are 99 percent chances that you will end up fighting with that person again making your relations worst.

However, if you go with the right kind of intentions, 99 percent chances are there that you will end up being a friend or at least you will sort out your issues with that person. Has this not happened to you that you were angry with somebody and you went up to that person sincerely telling him that you were angry for this particular reason. Immediately the other person had the realization that he was wrong and he said sorry to you. 

This clearly shows that everything depends upon the choices we are making moment by moment. That’s what is called as ‘karma’, the science of cause and effect. What you get as an output is the consequence of what you input. If you pelt stones at somebody, stones will land on your head. If you throw flowers, flowers will be showered upon you. So whenever we are taking any action, depending upon that, we can precisely know what will happen to us in future.

Only those people who live an unconscious life will keep complaining about everything. Those people who are genuinely interested in their own well being will take right kind of actions and will create a better future not only for themselves but for others life forms as well. That’s how we can work together and co-create a healthier, peaceful and happier world.


Peace and Love!


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