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‘The Light of Awareness’

Every night the spell of darkness spreads itself all around, but as soon as the Sun rises, it’s light renders the physical world visible to us and that’s when the world comes back to life again. Similarly, the light of awareness takes the veiling away from our eyes and renders the real nature of our own existence.

Almost in every culture around the world, the awareness has been compared to light because awareness or consciousness renders the knowing element within us. A knowing which is experiential, not psychological.

Either we can use every experience to veil our real nature or we can use our experience to unveil it, the choice is totally in our hands. It just needs a keen attention & focus to see what’s lying behind the curtains.

Someone who gets carried away by the drama which is happening on the periphery, he will never pay attention to the screen which is the source of that drama. Similarly, someone who is caught up in the drama of his own body & mind will never be able to realize the screen of consciousness which is the source of body-mind and eventually will suffer endlessly.

If only you can put aside your belief systems and old conditioning, the consciousness will rise & shine as a bright light in every experience. Consciousness is eternally pristine and non-changing in its inherent nature and we all know this by our own living experience.

Consciousness is the most intimate element in every experience of our life. Realizing it will totally depend upon our own willingness. If we are 100 percent willing, it is just right there waiting to get realized.


Peace and Love!



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