‘Individuality is a Hoax’

Individuality is a reality for those who are still bound by the limitations of their own body and mind. When we say individuality, we are essentially referring to an exclusive process. This is the nature of the human intellect. Intellect divides everything into pieces and gives us a false sense of individuality. The more we identify with our intellect the more exclusive we become. Exclusivity ultimately leads to endless suffering.

 If you transcend the limitations of your body and mind, then you will experientially realize that life is happening as one big organism. The life essentially is an inclusive process. When I say inclusive, we as human beings are able to exist & survive on this planet only because every moment there are millions of other forces which are working in favor of us. For e.g, we all know that earth is rotating on its own axis with a speed of 800 miles an hour. 

You will be astonished to know that even if the Earth stops spinning for a single second, 90 percent of the world’s population will die. Only those people who were tied to the earth somehow will have a little chance to survive, otherwise, a single second halt of earth rotation will destroy the whole humanity. Only because of the perfect alignment of the planet earth with respect to the sun, we are able to survive. One smallest diversion from its usual course and the complete humanity will be gone.

If the Sun doesn’t rise on time tomorrow morning, it will lead to a huge disaster. Within in a couple of weeks time, the life on planet earth will vanish. If there is no gravitation, our bodies won’t survive because it is the gravity which is holding everything together. If there are no forests and trees, Human species will be endangered. Similarly, every other thing, be it an animate or inanimate, have a tremendous contribution to sustain human and other life forms on this planet.

When you are conscious of these things, suddenly you would know that what you thought was separate is essentially a part of yourself. Everything is happening in Union. Quantum physics today claims beyond doubt that at the subatomic level everything becomes one and they say it literally not metaphorically. Which means that in the quantum level of existence everything is a part of everything else. And that’s what is the real nature of reality. One who realizes this reality in his own experience, he will live a life full of love and laughter. One who ignores this reality is bound to suffer endlessly. The reality is already there. The only question is: Will you allow yourself to experience the reality as a whole or Would you still want to stick to your limited idea if individuality? The choice is all yours……….!


Peace & Love!




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