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‘Silence rules the Cosmos’

Have you ever looked up into the sky and gazed at the stars? Did you ever sit on a seashore and experienced an ocean? Did you ever go into the jungle and sit in the wilderness? If you haven’t done any of these; I would recommend you should because that is what will take you towards the realization of the fundamental nature of your own existence.

At night if you look up and gaze at the sky, you might find few hundred thousand stars but if you really pay attention you will find that what rules the sky is not the stars and galaxies, rather it’s the vast emptiness or nothingness. If you go and sit on a seashore, you might find waves which are rising and falling, however, the most prevalent quality of the ocean is silence.

Similarly, if you venture into the wilderness of a jungle, you might hear someone making sounds here and there, but the most inherent quality of a jungle is calmness. It is the silence which is ruling the existence everywhere in the universe. When we say emptiness of the sky, even this also translates into silence because the nature of emptiness is the silence itself.

If you look into your day to day life situations, you might think that the world is noisy, you might experience that your mind is noisy, but that’s not the inherent nature of the world or even the mind for that matter. The essential nature of the creation itself is silence. When we say creation, we are essentially referring to some sort of action. Now if you ask yourself, what was there before creation or action, the answer is ‘Silence’. Which means the silence holds the possibility or the potential of an act of creation.

Before any activity or action takes place, there is always a silence. It is the endless expanse of silent emptiness from where everything is emerging. In fact, recently a very famous theoretical physicist named Lawrence M Krauss, He penned a book called ‘Universe out of Nothing’. Again he is referring to the same nothingness or emptiness which we are referring to.

This ‘Nothingness’ doesn’t mean that it is nothing, what nothingness implies is that it is not a thing, but it is definitely something which is beyond the current level of understanding of the scientific communities across the world. Scientists don’t really understand what this nothingness is, however, what they know for sure is that this nothingness or emptiness has a deep connection with the very emergence of our own physical universe including the black holes.

As per scientists, this nothingness carries the unbounded potential of spinning out innumerable universes which are very similar to the universe where we live, however, they have yet not been able to fathom the nature of this silence. In yoga, this silence or emptiness has been perceived as the quality of consciousness.

Therefore as per yogic way of understanding things, the fundamental stuff of the universe is consciousness and rest everything else is its modifications or manifestations of different degrees. Someone who meditates, he knows this truth by his own subjective experience and this has been a living experience for thousands of Yogis in India for eons.

Peace and Love!


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