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‘DOGS: The Epitome of Love & Exuberance’

A Dog really is an epitome of love and exuberance of life. What an amazing creature nature has created. A perfect example of selfless love. I can keep on singing the words of praise for the dogs, but that is never gonna be enough compared to what they really are. As I mentioned in one of the previous articles that every life form on this planet is precious (Click here to view) and dogs are no exceptions to that. Even if you beat or scold them, they will never complain about it. They will simply hide in a corner and not say anything.

A dog never demands anything special from you. The only thing he wants is love and embrace. The dog has no concern as to how big your house is or what you do. The only thing that dogs care about is life. That is the reason why people have such intimate relationships with their dogs. In fact, in people’s experience, they are no longer animals, they are very much a part of the family. If you get a dog in your home, it’s a minimum 10 to 12 years of a guaranteed love affair. It’s not like other members of the family where every day the emotions & moods are changing. Once you have a dog, this means you have someone in your home which is the source of joy every day 24/7.

The amount of love and emotion which dogs shower on us is beyond everything. I have personally seen people who are not ready to exchange their dogs for anything because of the bond which they develop with them over a period of time. If you have spent some time with dogs, you will be able to understand the way they behave & live. Dogs also communicate different emotions like happiness, joy, sadness, anger by producing different kinds of sounds. If you are sensitive enough, you can distinctly feel it. I am sure someone who has a dog in his home, he understands his dog’s language perfectly. If the dog is barking or making sounds in a particular way, the owner would know whether he wants food, or he wants to go to the loo or he just wants to play. And above all the body language of the dog itself says it all.

One quality which attracts me towards dogs is the level & intensity of their energy. If you make sure that they are properly fed, then they will be almost on and full of energy all through the day. If you start playing with a dog, you will see that you will get tired in few minutes, but your dog wants to play more. A dog doesn’t even need pampering which is the case with most of the human beings today. You just blow a whistle and the dog is ready to befriend you or to play with you. The glittering eyes of a dog will melt your heart in no time.

There are scientific studies which show that if someone gets a dog in his house, the chances of him getting a heart attack or getting depressed are far below than otherwise. The wellbeing of the entire family will improve considerably. You will find that your house will be full of life, love, and laughter. In short, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you will have someone in your family which is not only precious but impossible to ignore.

Peace and Love!


4 thoughts on “‘DOGS: The Epitome of Love & Exuberance’

  1. This article allows me to treasure the times I have had with my beloved dog once again. I do not consider it as my pet, but it has become a part of my family as the writer said, and I can truly understand those feelings. I have never imagined my life would change so much when a new family member appears. Ben – the dog’s name – has messed up my life in a stunning way. My lonely journey is suddenly accompanied by a four-legged friend who is always hyperactive and full of joy. Ben is happy when I am happy, and he is sad when I am sad. He always consoles me by using his cute small body to snug into my arms because he can identify when my mood is not good. Most importantly, he never knows how to be mad at me even though I tend to ignore him when I do not have the mood to play around. A dog is the most loyal friend forever. That is the reason why I can empathize with every single word in this article.


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