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‘You are not the roles you play’

Being born as a human being is the best thing that has ever happened for us as a species on this planet. No other creature on this planet enjoys the comfort and conveniences which we have. And above all nature has bestowed us with enormous intelligence. For most of the species, if we take care of their survival, they are satisfied and fulfilled. Which means they do not go beyond the survival process. However, for a human being the real life begins only when his survival is being taken care of.

When we enter into this world as a baby, we enter with two fundamental qualities. There are experiences and there is awareness of experiences. If you have ever observed a newly born baby, then you would agree with me on the above. A baby doesn’t have any sense of identity. He doesn’t know that he is being called as a Human because he doesn’t know the concept of language. A baby is not aware of other social identities like religion, caste, creed, race, nationality etc. But what a baby carries for sure is a certain level of awareness as the fundamental quality and secondly, he senses or experiences the world using five sense perceptions viz. Hearing, Seeing, Smelling, Tasting, & Touching.

That’s why when a mother cuddles and embraces a baby affectionately; baby responds in his own language which is not verbal. When you blow a whistle or give him a singing doll, the baby starts to explore that. If you give something edible to the baby, he will directly put it in his mouth to have a taste. So it won’t be wrong to say that a baby is born with the memory as to how he has to use these 5 senses.

If you agree with me on the above-mentioned details, then you would also agree that a baby is able to use his sense perceptions only because he has that fundamental quality of awareness or consciousness. If there is no awareness, there is no chance of any kind of sensory experience.

This is that fundamental quality of awareness which is the real identity of every human being or any other creature for that matter. You might think in your head that you are a Christian or a Hindu or a Buddhist or a Muslim. But that’s not your real identity. You might also think, Oh! I am a Mother or a Father or a Husband or a Brother so on and so forth. But these are all social identities. The social identity is valid only in the social context when you have to operate in the world, but when it comes to basic fundamental life, then the social identity of any kind becomes irrelevant.

Just be 100 percent sincere to yourself, keep all your social identities aside and then ask this simple question to yourself: Who am I? If you dig deeper into this question, suddenly you will realize your true nature which is awareness. It’s not a rocket science, This is the most basic realization which anyone can have if he or she is willing. It’s very important that we should be aware of our existential reality because that is the doorway to bring your suffering to an end. Only when you are entangled in too many social identities you don’t know which way you have to go and you keep rolling on all the wrong paths.

But when you are in touch with your real identity which is Awareness or Consciousness, then there can be no possibility of suffering within you because the nature of awareness is Bliss. In awareness you have more clarity, you are happier than before and above all, you become a wonderful human being. If we turn inward through the regular practice of meditation, then this can become a living reality for every human being on this planet. That’s why we say being born as a human is a great possibility because no other creature on this planet has this capability that he can be aware of his true nature & experience the same in its full depth and dimension.

I wish everyone could experience this in some way in their life. If this happens then the world would be a fabulous place to live. The only and only thing we need to do is, We need to experientially realize that we are not the roles we play. Once we disidentify ourselves with our temporary identities, We simply become who we really are. Once this happens, the doors of infinite possibilities will open up and life will simply flow effortlessly without any friction.


Peace & Love!


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