‘Every life form is precious’

When I observe people and the ways of the society, It pains me deep within to see how unconscious and insensitive we all are, to the life around us. In the name of economic well being, It is almost like we are determined to destroy this planet. This will actually come true if we keep on living the way we are living right now.

We have not left any page unturned in order to make sure that whatever is available in Mother Nature, We have to exploit it to the best we can. And I am not just talking in terms of different kinds of resources which we have. The situation has reached a level where people are even smuggling their children like a commodity in order to have a better life. Nothing can be more disastrous than this.

The very ecosystem of the planet has been destroyed. Millions of species of Birds, Animals, Insects, Plants, and Sealife are now extinct. In pursuit of Human Wellbeing, we are recklessly destroying the planet. One of the reasons why this is happening is that we are too much identified with our own individuality, to such an extent that anything which goes beyond our personal wellbeing, we do not consider it to be of any worth. Somewhere we have this misunderstanding that the planet was created for us. People might not be saying it verbally, but unconsciously within their minds, this thought is lying that we are supreme and nothing is above us.

It won’t be wrong to say that we have hit the peak of ignorance and we are not even ready to acknowledge that we are ignorant of the very existence of this planet. We have taken everything for granted for which we will pay a huge price in the coming days. We have already started seeing the results in the form of Global Warming, Increasing levels of pollution in metropolitan cities, Dying of rivers, Unpredictable rains and weather conditions etc. These are the signs of an upcoming disaster which will lead to a humongous civil strife and living on this planet will become almost impossible in a couple of decades if we do not take necessary corrective actions.

One of the most fundamental realizations we need to have in our life is that every life form has its place. Every life form is precious. This entire planet is an ecosystem and if we have to sustain the ecosystem, then every bird, insect, worm, animal, plant life has a significant role to play and needs to be sustained. There was a research done on this particular aspect where scientists wanted to know what will happen if the birds, plant life, animal life or as small as insect life vanishes from our planet and the results were astounding. In their research they found that if all the insects on this planet will vanish, then it will destroy the complete Food chain, There will be no plant life, There will be no agriculture and because 50 to 90 percent of the human diet is coming from plant life, we won’t have anything to eat. 

In a nutshell, in few months, the life on this planet will cease to exist. Now you imagine, if as small as an insect is so important, how much other life forms are contributing to support our own lives in various aspects. Contrary to this they found that if all the Human Beings vanish from the Earth, then life will flourish like anything. On this planet, except Human being, rest of the life forms are eco-friendly. Only Humans are the source of the problem.

The life on this planet is not an exclusive process, It is inclusive in nature. Which means that all life forms are interdependent upon each other and every life form needs to be protected and nourished. We should not exploit other species just because we are so much identified with our own supremacy. It’s time that we start working towards the well being of every life form on this planet.

This has to start at the individual level by recognizing the fact that every life is precious. This thought should not be just an intellectual idea, rather this should be a living experience for us. We should always be aware that whenever we are going to take any kind of action it should bring well being for all in an inclusive manner. If we do at least this much, slowly over a period of time, We will regain the balance in nature which we used to have decades ago and the life will again flourish on this planet.


Peace & Love!


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