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‘Different States of Consciousness’

In the previous article, we understood what is Consciousness or Awareness and what is its inherent nature. It’s time now to talk about different stages of awareness or awakening which a person goes through before he finally realizes his true self. In Yoga there have been defined 7 states of consciousness which are as follows:… Continue reading ‘Different States of Consciousness’

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‘Exploring the nature of Consciousness’

In our daily life conversation, we use many words for which we really don’t have the necessary understanding and experience. For e.g. when there is a pain in the body, we say my body is aching. When our head is noisy, we say I have a headache. If we are going somewhere, we say I… Continue reading ‘Exploring the nature of Consciousness’

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‘The Scientific Principle of Meditation’

Meditation is a highly systematic process which doesn’t need prior knowledge of any kind. This is a subjective technology which we just need to learn as to how it can be used and it will start working for us. For e.g If we take a cell phone, we really don’t know how the electrons are… Continue reading ‘The Scientific Principle of Meditation’

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‘Your thoughts don’t belong to you’

One of the reasons why people have so much obsession towards everything is that they are over-identified with their own thought process. Suddenly a creepy thought crops into our mind and then we get stuck in that. Once a thought starts rotating within our mind, again and again, we have started the very process of… Continue reading ‘Your thoughts don’t belong to you’

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‘DOGS: The Epitome of Love & Exuberance’

A Dog really is an epitome of love and exuberance of life. What an amazing creature nature has created. A perfect example of selfless love. I can keep on singing the words of praise for the dogs, but that is never gonna be enough compared to what they really are. As I mentioned in one of… Continue reading ‘DOGS: The Epitome of Love & Exuberance’


‘Love is like a Flower’

Love is the sweetest way to be for a human being. When the emotions become pleasant within ourself, we call it as love. When love happens, it transports a human being to a different dimension of experience where there is minimum friction and maximum intensity. Which means that we switch from basic transactional mode to… Continue reading ‘Love is like a Flower’

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Why do we connect with Babies instantaneously?

Every time I look at a little infant or a baby, my heart melts and this fills me with absolute joy. From social context, I could have no connection with the baby I am looking at. He is not my family member or a nephew or a niece or any other label which we usually… Continue reading Why do we connect with Babies instantaneously?


‘The Fundamental You’

In the previous article, we have clearly seen and understood that ‘We are not the roles we play’ (To explore more you may Click Here). Then the next obvious question comes, Who am I?. As I suggested earlier that if we really analyze this question, eventually we will find the answer. Using meditation as a… Continue reading ‘The Fundamental You’