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‘It pays to be Happy & Joyful’

Just look back in your life and see; For all those moments when you were really happy and joyful how was your experience and for all those moments when you were angry and depressed how was your experience. Certainly, there was a world of difference in both the cases. I am sure when you were really joyful within yourself, you must have been a wonderful person for the people around you. This is because that’s the nature of happiness. If you are genuinely happy from within, you want to spread that happiness to everyone around you. Now in another case, when you are angry or depressed, definitely you are a potential threat to the people coz you never know when you will burst out and bring misery to you and the others. The simple reason is;  Since you are not peaceful within yourself, therefore there is no question of you spreading peace and happiness around you. What you express in the outer world is just a projection of who you are from within. That’s the reason everyone puts emphasis on the happy emotions or pleasant experiences. 

If you are having unpleasant emotions within you; there are chances that you will end up being miserable and once you become miserable, you make sure that you will spread the misery to everybody who comes in contact with you. This is the nature of life, Whatever you have the most, you will spread the same around you. But I want you to look sincerely within yourself and observe your state of being while you are having negative emotions. You will realize that all those actions which you performed while you were angry could have easily been avoided. But the irony is, we always realize this only when we have already done that action. This shows that we are working as a compulsive creature rather than being a conscious one. 

One of the greatest privileges which we have as human beings is that we can conduct our body, mind, emotions, and energies consciously. Conducting different aspects consciously means that we will do only that which will bring pleasantness to us and everyone around us. If we fail to do so, that means we are working as a compulsive force. Once our actions become compulsive, misery is bound to come. If we have to get rid of this whirlpool then we need to realize that ‘It pays to be happy and joyful; It doesn’t pay to be miserable, sad and depressed’. Which means it is just a matter of choice. Whether we are joyful or miserable, all depends upon what we are choosing for ourselves. It’s just that we do not exercise this choice in our lives and hence get crushed by it. Using Yoga as a tool, we can empower ourselves in such a way that we can exercise our freedom of making conscious choices. Once we enable ourselves in this direction, you will see that in every situation be it internal or external, you will always choose happiness and joyfulness and not the misery because that’s what every living being is longing for in this planet. The advantage of being born as a human being is that we have the highest possibility of getting to that state of pleasantness compared to any other creature on this planet. That’s the gift which nature has bestowed upon us and its time to reap the benefit out of that gift before its too late……….!


Peace & Love!


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