Waiting is a very significant aspect of life, It helps develop patience in general,

An activity has a start and an end, However, waiting can simply be eternal!


Waiting, as an attribute develops within, Only when you don’t think much of yourself,

If you believe you are a king, The phenomenon of waiting will be distant & scarce!


Pay attention to the nature of waiting, You wait only for important things in life,

When somebody means something to you, You wait for them to shine and thrive!


Look at the vast expanse, You are not even a spec of dust in the junkyard of infinity,

Once you become aware of this, The blossoming of waiting will happen as a quality!


Waiting is not always about somebody and time, Waiting is about a certain way of being,

Once you learn how to perceive life, this will naturally lead to the characteristic of waiting!


Peace and Love!


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