Life · Poetry


I wonder why human mind is fickle and full of uncountable ripples,

Is this the reason human beings suffer & always walk like they are crippled! 


Modern society has become very brittle, The way & approach is no more flexible,

I miss those days when everybody was joyous & people never missed any chance to giggle!


When I look out & observe the youth, Their very faces seems floundered & shriveled,

This naturally leads them to drink and drugs & make them incapable of solving life’s riddle!


It’s time to pounce on negative emotions & make the joy to come out and drizzle,

It’s time to pave our own pathways and make the humanity to dance & jiggle!


Let’s pledge together that we as humans, will never let anyone cry and sniffle,

This is the only solution to all our problems and to make the peace eternally dribble!


Peace and Love!






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