Life · Poetry


Oh, Life! My Mind keeps wandering here & there, It makes me think those things which scare,

The more I try to get rid of these, The more it makes them intense and glare!


Is this what is the nature of Mind, Where everything seems to be intricately twined,

Or Is it just a silly little thought, Which always brings a feeling of distraught!


Oh, Life! The scars of injury are gone long back, But mental scars still keeps hurting,

I wonder If I would ever find a doorway, Which the being within me always keeps searching!


 It’s not that I have completely lost my way & also not that I am devoid of joy,

The problem is that I am not able to sustain it & the situations always seem it to destroy!


Oh, Life! I am seeking your refuge, Where Mind can no longer penetrate & intrude,

I wanna live a life full of laughter where miseries are kept aside & the happiness is glued!

Peace & Love!







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