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‘Happy Human beings are Harmless’

Have you ever noticed that when you are really happy, everything seems to be fine in your life? If you are happy and you happen to see someone whom you don’t like, there is more likely that you will embrace that person instead of fighting with him, simply because you are in a pleasant state of being. Probably you might end up making him as your friend. When you are happy, you are bubbling with life and everything seems to align itself the way you want. Just pay little attention and see whenever you are in a joyous state, your body and your mind seems to function at its best. I am sure this must have happened with you; On a certain day when you are very pleasant, People distinctly notice that quality of pleasantness which you carry and acknowledge that you seem to be shining & happy. When you are bursting with happiness, a day seems to just pass by in few moments. But if in case you are sad or you have some sort of negative thought going on in your mind, a day seems like an eon. So this is the power of being happy. You literally become a timeless being for those moments. And if you are able to sustain your moments of joy, you really will not experience time as burdensome. Only when you are miserable, time is a big factor in your life.

A happy person always has a tendency that he ignores the negative aspects in his life and pays attention to the one which really matters for him and creates more and more pleasantness within and around. A person who is pleasant within himself will never conspire against anyone. In fact, those people who usually try to put other people in trouble, if you bring a drop of happiness in their lives they also start imbibing your qualities. A Happy person is literally harmless in a true life sense. Only those people who are either a victim of suffering or have wrongly identified themselves with negative emotions are the potential threats to life around.

In your journey of life, you will get to meet every kind of people. One type would be where they seem to be very sweet and polite when you talk to them, but deep within they will hold grudges against you. You should be particularly careful of such pseudo people because these are the people who are wearing happy faces just like a cosmetic makeup. Let’s say for e.g you are going to a party and you want to look good to impress others. So you go to a salon and get yourself a good hairstyle and apply all kinds of cosmetics on your face. Once you are back from the party you go and wash the makeup because it’s not possible for you to hold it for a longer period of time. Your skin needs to breathe and that’s why you go and wash it. Similarly, there are people who wear happiness makeup i.e they are not happy from within but for the outer world, they portray themselves as the happiest lot. And the moment you poke such people a little bit, you will see that their happiness makeup would fall and they will start fighting with you like anything. The reason is very simple, Wearing a happiness makeup is very very difficult. Only when your happiness comes from within with a deep sense of compassion and unity for the life around you, there is a possibility that you can sustain your happiness.

I want you to imagine a scenario where you are in a bad mood and you happen to meet someone whom you don’t like. If that person pokes you even a little, you would want to kill that person in that moment. Contrary to this, If a person is easy going & light-hearted and you poke such a person he will probably take it lightly and ignore. This is because when you are happy you seem to be more accepting in your life and small issues don’t affect you anymore. That is the fundamental reason why we should invest our time in happy emotions rather than fighting with other emotions which are destructive in nature. If you are happy or at least peaceful in your life, it will empower you to even face the most difficult time with as much ease as possible.

Your life is like a big ocean and different situations in life are like waves. If you are a bad surfer every little wave will hurt you, thrash you and drown you, But if you are a good surfer the bigger the wave the bigger is the excitement. So its time to become a good surfer so that we can ride these waves as efficiently as we can. It’s time to let go off all the negativities of life and enjoy the bounty which life has to offer. So just Be happy 🙂


Happy Reading!


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